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It’s getting hotter, which means I can’t deny any more that summer is just around the corner.

I am not a summer person. Sweating and heat just does not agree with me.

However, I do like one thing about summer – swimming! I love to swim. I’ve talked about it here before, but swimming in summer is my main form of exercise.

I don’t just like to swim for exercise, I also love to go to the beach. And I have many fabulous, relatively cheap pairs of togs to do this in.

My sister (the one with Down’s syndrome) likes to go to the beach too. She does not have a fabulous pair of togs to do it in – cheap or not. I find this unfair.

It’s probably still too early in the season for all the togs to fill the clothing racks, so a suitable pair may still be out there, but for the moment, there is zip.

Even when larger plus-sized togs eventually come out on the racks, they tend to be rather … ugly. Dowdy. Fussy florals or black. And expensive. So. Very. Expensive. I find it frustrating that I am able to pick up an awesome pair of togs for $40 for myself, but if my sister wants a pair, she’s paying $140. For ugly togs.

Usually when the issue of expensive in store plus sized clothing comes up, I turn to online. However, this is one instance in which I like to purchase the item in store and not online, as I feel togs should be tried on (and would feel a bit icky about sending togs back, considering the hygiene issue), but it makes it incredibly difficult when there aren’t even any sizes or styles for her to do this.

She wants what is essentially termed a ‘swim dress’, and the dress part needs to come down to mid-thigh. I’ve found plenty of togs that fit this description in straight sizes, seeing as this vintage inspired style is going to, again, be huge for summer swim wear. But there’s not much in plus sizes.

I will admit, City Chic does have some cute togs that sort of fit the description of what she wants and they’re even reasonably priced, but they’re not exactly what she wants.

Considering where we live, and how hot it stays, even during the winter months, I think this is something retailers should really be exploring. I can think of a number of online stores that may have appropriate and well-priced togs for her (and, in all honesty, I will probably have to turn to them if I find nothing by December), but nothing comes to mind in bricks and mortar stores.

I will keep looking for her, because she loves to swim and I want her to be able to do so during the summer months. I hope I find a pair she likes and feels good in, whether that be in store or online.

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