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in brief: first major plus size fashion show in melbourne


After six months of planning, the first major plus-size fashion event will be held at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival.

A highlight of the program, the Curvy Couture Roadshow will be held on March 30, showcasing some of the best plus-size designers on a size 14 plus runway.

Model and major sponsor Robyn Lawley believes the event is a huge step forward in Australian fashion. ‘Size diversity should be a part of every major runway event and I’m really thrilled to be able to contribute by supporting designers who are supporting this side of the fashion industry,’ she said.

The show is a collaboration from Kate Millett, of plus-size boutique Bombshell Vintage, and several others. They hope to help independent and emerging designers to showcase their work at this major event. The group are passionate about inspiring Australian women to take risks when it comes to fashion, and experiment with clothes.

‘We all believe plus-size should not be separated or segregated, that fashion should be in one section of any store, not hidden out the back like something to be ashamed of, but up front and centre,’ said the team.

‘We hope this event is a positive step to change the outlook of fashion in general in Australia.’

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