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in brief: italian vogue ‘raises awareness’ for violence against women


Vogue Italia claims to be raising awareness for violence against women by having their models pose as horror movie victims. Well dressed, gorgeous and terrified victims.

Editor Franca Sozzani writes that Vogue are doing their ‘civic duty,’ to spread ‘a message against barbarism.’

This isn’t the first time the magazine have caused controversy through their insensitivity. In 2012, Sozzani defended a cover story that had models mimic the actions and styles of poor people of colour.

This time around, Vogue Italia are anticipating the criticism.

‘It doesn’t matter if we run the risk of causing a general uproar with the media or arousing criticism; or if we are accused of exploiting pressing issues just to push our own way in newsstands. What is important for us is that at least one of the dozens of women suffering violence every day can feel our nearness.’

The shoot comes with a video representing models as The Shining and American Horror Story type victims. After being chased and tormented with various weapons, the women assert their power and end up killing their attacker. A hushed voice whispers over the top, ‘Only when confronted with death can you understand yourself.’

But many feel that this will do nothing to raise awareness for violence against women. Jezabel’s Callie Beusman writes that it appears to be more of a ‘homage to horror movies that happens to be squarely planted in fashion’s tradition of using violence against women to seem “edgy”.’

In an interview with The Independent, Sozzani states that her message was that ‘the horror of life is bigger than one that you can see in the movies. This really is a horror show, what we are looking at and what we see every day in the newspaper around the world is how fragile the woman still is today, and how she can be attacked, can be abused, can be killed.’

What do you think, Lipsters? Raising awareness, or edgy and insensitive?
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