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study finds women dress best on mondays, slack off afterwards


In a recent survey, which has more interest in what women wear to work, rather than what they do at work, the groundbreaking discovery has been made that we apparently put far more effort into our outfits on Mondays than on any other day of the week. In fact, as the working days progress, the outfits become incrementally more casual. The survey has found that 74 per cent of women choose a smart or formal outfit on Mondays. This drops to 69 per cent by Tuesdays, with 32 per cent admitting that they spend less time or their hair and makeup than the day before.

By Wednesdays, we become slackers. Almost half of women (47 per cent) have ditched smart outfits, with over half (brace yourself for this shocking information) swapping high heels for flat shoes. This is also the day that women spend the least time on hair and makeup. Well, doesn’t this explain a lot?!

Thursdays, however, see a buck in the trend. 70 per cent of women plan their outfits the night before and choose a stylish ensemble. Face and hair receive more attention as well. The cause of this being pinned down to many after-work drinks and events being planned for Thursdays. So, basically, the logic is ‘people might see me, and I wouldn’t want them to see my real face, nor what I look like on Wednesdays.’

On Fridays, we see the decline of Western civilisation as we know it. Only 43 per cent of women describe their outfit as ‘smart’ on Fridays, almost a quarter (24 per cent) wear trainers to the office, and more than a third wear jeans. Despite this relaxed comfort during the day, around one in four bring a change of clothes to the office and often bring ‘higher heels’ to change into once it hits 5PM, and order is restored.

Alain Mehada, Personal Stylist at a store chain in the United Kingdom, who also commissioned the research says ‘whether it’s a killer pair of heels, a crisp white skirt or a perfectly fitted pencil skirt, women are dressing for battle on a Monday morning and looking great with it. Along with a strong coffee, looking and feeling good is the best pick-me-up for the first day of the week. Dressing elegantly instantly makes you feel more professional, and able to take on whatever the day throws at you.’

Never mind what you’re actually doing at work ladies, it’s your outfit that matters!

P.S. I couldn’t seem to find an equivalent study for male workwear and clothing habits. Interesting.

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