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It’s that time of year again! The sun is getting hotter and hotter, summer music festivals are about to start and Hollywood is queuing up the box office  with a barrage of movies to put you in cinema seats, so in order to spend your money wisely I have written a little guide of movies which I would consider as ‘must see’ viewing.

So, let’s not delay. First up:

1. The Adventures of Tintin – Release: Currently playing

For those you who are old enough to remember Tintin comics and even the short lived cartoon series from the early 90s, you might just understand my excitement when this movie was released. For those of you who are unaware who Tintin is, he is a boy adventurer/journalist, accompanied by his beloved dog: Snowy. Essentially the two have some have some miraculous adventures, which are accompanied by a slew of side characters that are just as charming and interesting. This is done in the fashion of such heroes as Indiana Jones for example.

The cinematic adaption, directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson is done using CGI animation, giving it an almost cartoon like feel, which really does compliment the movie. Tintin is truly a great movie, with never a dull moment and of course for old school fans, the movie does do it justice! This is a movie that everyone should see this summer, but finish reading this article before you leave for the cinemas!

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2. Young Adult – Release: January 19th

You might remember a few years ago there was a little movie released that captured many hearts; it was Juno. In this comedy drama romp the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of Juno, Diablo Cody, is back to tell the story of Marvis Gary (Charlize Theron), a writer who returns to her home town to relive some of her better days and win back an old fling from her youth.

So, why should you look forward to spending your money this film? Well, this movie looks to have the same style, humour and charm of Juno, combined with what seems to be an awesome soundtrack, which of course is the icing on the cake! For charismatic, funny and heart grabbing viewing, I would definitely put my money on this movie.

3. The Human Resource Manager – Release: January 19th

This film strays away from the Hollywood movies I have mentioned thus far but, ever since I saw the trailer for this film, it has been on my mind and a movie which I’m awaiting with much anticipation. I will warn you that this film is in Hebrew, so if you are not a fan of subtitles, stay away. The Human Resource Manager tells the story of the most successful bakery in Jerusalem and the public relations scandal which occurs after a female employee is killed in a suicide bombing, as well as following the HR officer escorting the girl’s body to her home in Romania and the succeeding events.

While this movie is not something you might usually see in a cinema, dark comedies have always been a favourite genre of mine and this film seems to deliver both drama and comedy, so if you are feeling a bit audacious, definitely give this film a shot!

4. The Muppets Movie – Release: January 12.

Do you remember the Muppets? Well, they are back in full force! Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and all of your favourites return to the big screen. I guess this film goes back to the theme of nostalgia following on from Tintin. I grew up with the Muppets, I still have fond memories of my sister and I having marathons of Muppets movies as kids, so it is with much excitement that I await this movie. To those of you reading who are not aware who the Muppets are, I can best describe them as a satirical group of puppets from the mind of Jim Henson (Sesame Street); think of Sesame Street but with much more satirical comedy for adults.

As I said previously, nostalgia is the driving point for this movie, but with good reason! If you are a fan of the Muppets you can appreciate why this movie seems exciting and if you are not, I would recommend seeing this movie as in true Muppet fashion you are always in for a laugh and left with a smile.

5. We Bought a Zoo – Release: Currently playing

I came out of this movie feeling quite empathetic. The movie itself is directed by Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire) and is based on a true story of a single father, Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon) who buys a rundown zoo in order to escape some recent tragic events, including the death of his wife. Of course the story incorporates Mee rebuilding the zoo to its former glory as well as the emotional development with his children, everything you would expect in a drama.

This is a really heart warming and often teary film, if you enjoy a good drama I would recommend seeing this, however if you are prone to crying I would recommend packing some tissues as this film will tug at your heart strings.

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