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interview: tessa and the typecast

Tessa and the Typecast signed their single ‘Painter’ to Major Label this month.

When I spoke to Tessa Pavilach from Victorian band Tessa and the Typecast, I quickly got the sense that she was a beautiful person making beautiful music. The five-piece, who formed five years ago at high-school, create honest music with integrity. The band consists of Tessa Pavilach on lead vocals and keyboard, Ed Crocker on drums/vocals, Pat Morgan playing guitar, Nat Foster on cello/vocals, and Tom Pettit playing bass.

Together, the band creates infectious beats and heartwarming lyrics which are all complimented by Tessa’s distinct voice. Their musical influences are eclectic, but Tessa says that’s one of the best things about the band.

‘I personally love classic male voices like Thom Yorke and Jeff Buckley, but we seriously all have such different tastes which is such a great thing when writing new stuff,’ Tessa said.

After travelling to America alone for a few months, Tessa is now focused, inspired and ready to pump out their new single.

‘I missed playing with the guys so much but I discovered lots of underground music over there and now I feel totally fresh,’ Tessa said.

The band are making a name for themselves in Melbourne, scoring a residency at the Grace Darling Hotel in March 2011 and releasing their infectious recent single ‘Painter’. But their biggest highlight was supporting Kate Nash, says Tessa.

‘It was amazing. The venue was packed and it just felt… amazing,’ she laughed.

They hope to record an album within the next couple of months and later tour around the country, but right now they are focusing on a film-clip for ‘Painter’ and are currently recording a new single.

‘Look out for our new song. It will be different to ‘Painter’, with a darker feel. We still haven’t thought up a name but are really excited to release it,’ Tessa said.

Tessa and everyone else in the band have a plethora of experience and have all performed in solos and ensembles since they were very young, but Tessa admits to never personally studying music.

‘I came from an arty school and my Mum and Dad always supported my music passion,’ Tessa said. ‘But I felt that going to uni would make me lose the heart of my music, and I never want that to disappear.’

And when asked the hardest part of being in a band, she was pushed for an answer.

‘I really do love everything about it,’ she said. ‘The only thing that makes it hard is the huge amount of music to compete with, but it’s like a constant foot kicking you to try harder… Which is good in the end.’

After our chat, I got the sense that everything is perfect for Tessa and the Typecast, who love what they do and have no desire to stop sharing their fun, soul-lifting music with audiences anytime soon.

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