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interview with roy martins das neves of civilian chavez

Inspired by the loss of someone close to him, Roy Martins Das Neves, founder of Civilian Chavez, has put together, Project Genesis, a fashion show that will see all proceeds from the evening donated to Ovarian Cancer research. I got in touch with Roy and chatted to him about his career in fashion so far.
If you’re in Melbourne and you’re looking to attend a fashion show with a difference, be sure to check out Project Genesis at the Scratch Warehouse on January 28th at 8pm.
Can you tell us first about your career so far in fashion?
I started off modelling from the age of 14, nothing major, just small jobs here and there as my parents wanted me to focus on school at the time. I’ve always found photography fascinating. So, I started directing photoshoots, networking with creatives and scouting models. As time progressed my love for photography grew until I finally mustered the courage to try it myself and I’ve never looked back. Producing fashion shows was something that always intrigued me, putting together all these intricate pieces to create a production out of nothing. The end result is always a proud moment for not only myself but for everyone involved. It’s quite a humbling feeling.What about fashion inspires you most?

The potential it brings. Fashion is something that surrounds us regardless of the career you’re in. The marketing is outstanding, and I just wish that major labels would band together more often to help in real tragedies, for causes that touch our hearts. The fashion industry is a multi trillion dollar business, one I’m quite certain could heavily donate to numerous causes/charities annually. That would inspire smaller labels to do the same. That hope inspires me.What inspired you to create this charity event to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research?

I had lost someone very dear to me to Ovarian Cancer back in 2010, someone that I constantly think about every day. This show is dedicated to her, and every woman that was gone too soon by Ovarian Cancer.What is the biggest challenge facing those with Ovarian Cancer?

I can only speak from what I had seen and gone through. The struggle with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, the side effects are tough. It certainly takes its toll on the patient and the entire family. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is always hard, and the family needs to band together through those times. So support is very important, and staying positive is essential.What role do you think charity events like this have in promoting awareness of cancer?

We can only hope it’d be one that truly inspires people and organizers to do the same. Not only for Cancer, but for causes that really need exposure. It goes back to what I mentioned earlier. Fashion is something that surrounds us regardless of the career someone is in. It can be used as a very powerful positive tool, one that I hope more people use.What do you hope the event will do for not just Ovarian Cancer research but for the fashion and design community?

To broaden everyone’s understanding and overall awareness of Ovarian Cancer. I hope people wont just watch our awareness clips for 5 seconds and think we’re asking them for money. If we can inspire people to spread the word then that’s all that matters to me. It only takes 5 minutes. You can Google Ovarian Cancer and read up on it, briefly or thoroughly. Knowledge is power and in this case, a potential life saver.Do you hope to continue running events like this in the future?

Most definitely! The idea behind Project Genesis was to have annual shows, bringing awareness and funding to different charities and organizations with each show we do.Could you give us all the details of the event?

Of course, everyone can find further details on my website or through Facebook.

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