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live music review: oscar + martin, RAOB GAB, june 4 2011

Oscar + Martin are really causing waves around Melbourne. After seeing them at the Workers Club in May, with the audience packed like sardines in the band room, I couldn’t wait for them to kick off their first tour, showcasing their debut album For You. It was their first show of a national tour, and surrounded by familiar faces and groovy dancing, they delivered.

They were supported by Galapagoose and Speed Painters, who were both a LOT of fun. Layered beats, all with a funky edge, smoke machines on the go, they made the RAOB GAB look (and sound) like a riot as soon as you walked in (to quote my friend, “Tonight’s going to be good”). Oscar + Martin were joined on stage by a videographer, who seemed to be documenting the whole show,which will be great to watch once this crazy tour train comes to a stop. These boys know how to get a crowd going, and their genuine appreciation really shines through.

They opened with ‘All I Think About’ and their set progressed from there without missing a jump. I can only imagine how unique each and every one of their shows will be, because it was the same music, but with a different energy that I had seen a month ago. They added in little things here and there, things that are so distinct and individual to their sound. Which most artists do anyway, but this was special. Yes, it was quite enjoyable, especially ‘Lions Heart’. Have you listened to it yet? Then you must experience it live.

They were joined on stage at different intervals, by pocket rocket rapper Grant Jonathon Gronewald (who is also one half of Brothers Hand Mirror, with Oscar) and Bec Rigby (yes, part of Martin King’s project, The Harpoons) who also deserve to be checked out. These wonderful musicians exposed me to a different kind of Melbourne music, and you should definitely get involved; it’s highly infectious, in the best way possible.

Oscar + Martin move on to play in Sydney and Newcastle this weekend, and Adelaide and Brisbane the weekend after, click here for more information. Do check them out, children.

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