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men in skirts: can you dig it?

Image: Oddman47 via Wikimedia Commons

Image: Oddman47 via Wikimedia Commons

Since the end of the Victorian era, men’s fashion has been pretty darn boring.  The 20th century saw men coupling their upper-body wear with almost exclusively pants, shorts or other bifurcated items of lower-body wear, and that’s been it.  Not a skirt in sight unless we count Scottish kilts, which, outside of Scotland, feature only at weddings and other such formal occasions, anyway.  Maybe it was the industrial revolution forcing people into factories where overalls and other pant-based garments proved safest, or maybe it’s that societal values such as modesty and sobriety started taking precedence over Romantic era frivolity and pomp. Whatever the reason, most 20th and early 21st century men’s fashion was dull, drab and predictable.  My question is, why?

Sure, there have been a few attempts to diversify the scene over the years – the unisex fashion movement of the ’60s saw women don pants; men wore floral shirts in the ’70s; and designer Jean Paul Gaultier has made numerous attempts to bring back male skirts in the past thirty-odd years (starting from his Spring ’84 ‘Et Dieu Créa l’Homme’ (‘And God Created Man’) collection) – but on the whole, nothing has really changed.  Is it a question of gender normativity, lazy designers, or closed minds unwilling to accept new ideas?

Inevitably, how we dress and what we wear affects how we feel – as they say, clothes make the man (or the woman).  But is something like a man wearing a skirt really so radical?  After all, women have been wearing pants for decades, and though it took some time for it to become wholly socially accepted, jeans and trousers are now so much part of the average Western woman’s wardrobe that to imagine life without them would be difficult.  The situation with men seems to be much more rigid.

Today, it almost seems that it’s not the men who wear the clothes; it’s the clothes that wear the men.  Men are confined to pants and shorts, and if they branch out into skirts, dresses or even a very colourful vest, questions of homosexuality, transvestism or questionable manhood often arise.  And while these reactions may seem unreasonable to forward-thinking Lip readers, the issue is not so simple.

Imagine, as Charlie Porter did in an article for The Guardian in 2002 , a man dressed in an above-the-knee skirt going to your local shops to get a carton of milk.  Everything else is the same as it would otherwise be – he’s wearing a shirt and tie, or else a jumper and some trainers – but instead of pants or shorts, he’s wearing a skirt.  As Charlie Porter put it, ‘[h]owever radical you think yourself, whatever open-minded stances you take on sexuality and nonconformism, you would more than likely laugh at him or, worse, feel ashamed.’

Personally, I don’t think that I would react that way – in fact, I have seen men in skirts before, and it was no big thing.  Maybe my mind has been opened to the idea by designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and fashion blogs like The Sartorialist, or maybe I just don’t care how others dress, but it was totally fine.  I would hope that people wouldn’t be so closed-minded as to feel shame for someone else for their choice of clothing, but, as we’ve seen, people are wont to shame others for their choices, even where these choices don’t affect those judging in the least – homophobia, anyone?  Nevertheless, the issue remains – is the world ready for men in skirts again?

One possible test for whether the world is ready is whether heterosexual women would be happy with their boyfriends/partners/husbands wearing skirts in public.  Personally, I don’t know how I would feel about it.  Sure, I think that men’s fashion is boring – that it could do with some variation – and sure, I’m fine when men I don’t know wear skirts around me, but to be in a sexual relationship with a skirt-wearer?  I don’t know if I’m there yet.  He’d have to be extremely masculine in every other sense (whatever ‘extremely masculine’ means).  And even then…

What do you think?  Are we ready for men’s skirts again?  Could you date a skirt-wearer?  And what about accessories and footwear – could you go out with a man who wears necklaces, handbags or heels?

142 thoughts on “men in skirts: can you dig it?

  1. The idea that men can’t (as opposed to simply don’t) wear skirts is a cultural one, not one based on physiology or any kind of natural law. Men don’t generally wear skirts because we set up our (meaning Western, in my case) culture that way. I’ve worn skirts at home and would love to wear one in public if I could get away with it, but no one wants to be the first. And unlike the first women to wear trousers in public regularly, the first men to wear skirts in public regularly (other than maybe utilikilts, which are deliberately made to exaggerate their masculinity) won’t be regarded as trying to “step up to pants”, but accepting some kind of “demotion” to femininity, which is a sexist idea in the first place. I can see myself wearing a basic cargo skirt or denim or khaki skirt in public and not being noticed that much, but I don’t think you’ll ever see me (or many other men) wearing something like a ruffled miniskirt in public–those might be comfortable, but they’re designed to show off a woman’s legs, hips and derriere. Any “design language” for mainstream men’s skirts will have to take into account that most men will be trying to get comfortable, not pass as women – for one thing, most of us will want pockets, because we won’t want to carry purses. Men who want to cross-dress (which doesn’t bother me personally; do what you enjoy doing) have as many options for skirts already as they can fit into. 😉

    • We are not talking about wearing ruffled miniskirt, but the type of skirts men used to wear or men wear in the world today. I wear kilts and kilt like skirts, like pleated skirts sometimes with a shirt and tie and I look very sharp and there is nothing feminine about the way I look.
      I do wear most of the time in public and have no issue. We can change the western culture in our favor, but to do that you have to swear the skirts in public. I dont see the point of wearing them at home. You are pretty much certain that things will never change. In the past 5 years, at least in the USA, things have changed and you won’t generate much attention. We are not talking about cross dressing here. But many women skirts can be worn by men without any issue and could very well be unisex.

      • Well said! After chasing skirts for decades tried on a cargo mini skirt and was sold instantly. We need to change western thinking. I published on pixs of men in skirts so they and women can see it isn’t a big deal. Anyone can wear a skirt and men have worn them longer throughout time than women. Search “men in mini skirts” on Pinterest. Also see skirts men can wear. Hopefully if we get the word out we can enjoy an alternative to shorts! Why should only women have fun with clothing?

        • I like plain old blue denim skirts I wear them all around and there very comfortable , I have seen other guys around wear them around town to , it’s great cant wait to see more guys in skirts . Push forward guys just do it

    • Thanks Chuck the words you used expresses exactly how feel about the subject. I would love to be comfortable wearing a skirt but that would seem out of place. I’ve seen men wear dresses but more as a cross dresser than a guy wearing a dress. I’d more into skirts anyway not a full body dress. So again I thank you for those words of encouragement.

    • I am been trying to see if any man would want a man like myself of wearing my tiny skirt and stockings with parties and my tiny tities and my little bra. I feel sexy wearing these and I am not gay but I m straight curious man and I had these feelings for 2/ years now and I still need to know how I feel when I have suck in my mouth and believe me I do want to try this for a long time now. Iwear sexy parties and If I am going to give a man a blow job, then I want to look a like a woman with everything , like skirts panties make up high heels. Not like a person wearing a flat top hair and jeans. It’s better to do it right. I m never suck cock or drinking cum before I m got very curious about it. And I m really, really wanted to do this for a lone time. I had dreams of sucking a huge monster cock. If I am going to suck a cock I going to the top first, not from the bottom, and I know there’s it of men with big hugs monster cocks out there. And why I am doing this because I lost my love of my life , so I had these fantasys and I want to try it out now I am all alone so now I did buy alit of skirts and some of others photos I just seen doesn’t loom like a woman. Hey I m not a woman but I can loom like one so who ever I meet will like it better then wearing some jeans

  2. Hi all, have been wearing my skirts around my own home for the last week. Certainly a lot more comfortable than trousers. Designs, fabrics, lengths also so much better. Guys give it a try. I was a bit ackward in wearing a skirt in vront of my girlfriend to start but now dont give it a second thought. All men should try it if they wish. Skirts were for men before they were pinched by women. ))

    • I agree. I wear 6″ stiletto heels, gold anklet, taupe pantyhose, silk thong, white transparent blouse, black bra with a black open vest. I go out in public often and it is a great feeling. I get positive looks from both women and men. What a thrill.

  3. I am a older guy happily married and wear skirts a lot , we go shopping and all around town . I normally wear denim skirts about 3 to 4 inches above the knee and regular dress shirt or Hawaiian type and never have any problems not even negative comments . I even get a few positive comments from the lady’s . My advice guys is to try it don’t go crazy Bright colors just normal Jean or black and just walk normal but of course keep your legs together lol .

    • I to wear skirts. Short tight micro mini, 6″ heels, gold anklet, white sheer blouse with open vest, black bra, sheer pantyhose. I make my public appearance 1-2 times a week. I get great comments and smiles. Love it

  4. Remember that men wore skirted garments before pants were ever invented; and in many parts of this world men still wear skirted garments. It is only who and how a garment is worn that makes if feminine; the article of clothing itself does “NOT” determine gender. I believe that like in so many other parts of the world, the skirt and other skirted garments should be brought back into free open style for men to freely wear publicly without any feelings of shame. Especially on extremely hot days, a skirt or dress is the most comfortable article of clothing any man or woman can wear; especially if they have health issues requiring them to wear support thigh high hose or support pantyhose due to chronic vascular insufficiency or other circulation or critical leg health issues. And yes some men do shave their legs today for various reasons – skirts or no skirts; and it has nothing to do with their masculinity. But anyone – man or woman who wears a skirt that is somewhat short {shorter than knee length} “must” be conscientious about how they are sitting and bending, etc, so they are not exposing things they should “NOT” be. Far too many women forget about this when wearing very short skirts; this could be a disaster if men started doing the same thing. But, in very hot weather, especially when wearing medical support pantyhose, there is nothing more comfortable than a nice skirt.

  5. Is no biggie wear a skirt wear what you like who’s to say otherwise. Society is the blame we don’t label women as lesbians for wearing shirts, pants, boxer briefs etc. Ancient times men wore skirts , middle ages men wore skirts and hosiery. Today well men that wear are labeled as queer, sissy, TV,TG , faggot etc because you wear doesn’t mean your not masculine. If it be a skirt, tights or pantyhose it’s all about fashion. There are those that wear for non fashion reasons those are minority of men. Wearing in a respectful way not to offend people and respect oneself not showing private areas and show society we men can wear properly.

  6. The real issue here stems from society (and/or other people) violating and restricting the natural rights and agency of individuals to choose their own attiring appearance from the tastes and desires they have to express their personality. The idea or purposes for apparel is to provide covered and supportive protection from the uncomfortable and harmful elements of the environment they reside and function in and to cover areas of the body concerned with the reproductive and defecating processes for moral purposes. As to the style, design, texture, fabric or material, craft, color or print, and other embellishments – these are choices for the wearer and their ability to obtain usage to make such decisions.

    Our system of attiring results from the misuse of power in creating status identities and the classifying of humans into groups that mislabels or projects the social ideal that did not fully understand humanity. The classification of gender is the most egregious appointment society has placed on mankind for it assumed men and women were two different species of humankind and caused its assumption to be promoted and standardize so that men and women who have the same desires, especially for attire, would be seen as abnormal behaviors and scourges of society. Since this standardizing, women have fought to have their status of equality match that of men, but men somehow are to complacent with their social status that they didn’t or don’t seem to care their choices are becoming more limited, because social attitudes distain the idea and activities of men entering the realm of women who obtain many of their choices from men. Had such choices remained with individuals as nature intended, the activities of men wearing skirts and heels wouldn’t be an issue for that is their choice. Women wearing pants would not have been such a traumatic and debated issue, for the choice to do so is theirs to make.

  7. I am a straight male who enjoy wearing skirts in public. I don’t consider my self a crossdresser and don’t have anything against crossdressers. I don’t wear anything fitting for women other than skirts. From time to time I get starred at or giggles from others, but I am very confidant in what I do. Believe it or not I also get a lot of positive comments. Most of the positive comments come from female who admires my courage to wear what I choose to as long as it does’t violate any laws or is offensive to others

  8. Interesting. I just stumbled over this article.
    Well, personally i do not wear skirts. Mostly because my wife does not like it. And clothing for me has generally a quite low priority. So no problem with that.
    Some years ago i had a very interesting conversation with a woman. There where a group of women waiting for their performance in a hair fashion show. I got them a coffee, and we talked. Because of the occasion they where much dressed up, and i made them a compliment about their look. One of the women then said something very astonishing: “My boyfriend wears my skirts better than me”. Well, that was very astonishing, so i asked “how that?”. She responded: “In a skirt he has a really cute ass.”.
    That answer was really interesting. For me as a male it is common that a good looking female wearing a tight skirt looks even more feminine. Because such a tight skirt is modeling and so supporting her female curves. So far so well-known and boring. Now a man has a different figure. Less curves, more straight. While a man thinks of feminine curves as attractive and erotic, a woman obviously thinks of a mans figure as attractive and erotic. Somehow subsummed as “cute small ass”. It seems that a tight skirt is not only able to model and support a female body, but a male body as well.
    Ok, that is pure theory for me. For me the sexual attractiveness of a man is simply zero. So i cant’ get this from analysing my own feelings. But just analysing what this woman said makes this assumption logical.
    The problem here is two-fold. Women are generally much more dependant of the overall culture, of what relatives, neighbour and the like think. And a man would do hell to become unattractive for women. Next is that we are that much used to the female sex as being the “beautiful” sex, men are not considered beautiful. Not even by women. Ok, with a few exceptions. So men became the “ugly sex”. And indeed, the older they get, the uglier they get. They are growing fat and avoid any sports or anything what could help them shape their body. It would help if women where able to define what is beautiful and attractive to them, and to accept that. Like this woman who was simply attracted by her boyfriends “cute ass”. And start to tell that your man. Your man is not the mind-reading mutant you think he is.

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