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album review: a very she & him christmas

I’m not embarrassed to admit that it was love at first sight (well, sound) with this album, and I’m even happier to declare that it only gets better the more that I listen to it. As soon as I knew it was out last month, I ran down to my nearest JB Hifi and exchanged  a crisp $20 (with a shiny 5c in return) for my very own copy. I then proceeded to skip all the way home in excitement for my new addition.

That’s right people, I’m talking about indie folk duo Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward that make up the sweetheart sound to She & Him and their latest musical delight: A very She & Him Christmas.

If you’re a Christmas fan, this could very well be the icing on your Christmas cake of CD collections. This twelve song compilation of classics including Have yourself a merry little Christmas, I’ll be home for Christmas and Baby it’s cold outside (to name a few!) adds just a sprinkle of holiday cheer that grows into a musical showcase that you’ll find yourself singing long after the CD has finished.

I play this CD when I want to feel the Christmas cheer, or to cover up the repeated songs that all radio stations seem to play that I just can’t bear any longer. The best thing is that it’s not cheesy or over the top with forced festive greetings and added effects. Instead, She & Him give you a soft but catchy dose of joy that leaves a feeling of nostalgia for a time that some many not even know. As with all of the music by this duo, waves of a 1950s-Aussie-Christmas-that-I-never-had-but-long-for come over me. I find myself reaching for the play button to start the journey all over again more then I’m sure I realise.

So I must say, if it was my last $20 for the week that I used to buy this little delight, I would have been thrilled to live on noodles until the next payday.

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