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album review: cromwell, lobotany


Ethereal, floaty and lyrically complex, Cromwell’s debut LP, Lobotany proves that this band has promise.

Coming out of Canberra, Cromwell comprises of Becki Whitton (vocals), SSSDDDGGG (guitars and pedals) and Dave Flutsch (drums). Their music is difficult to describe – intricate melodies mingle with Whitton’s incredible voice to create soundscapes that are unique and delicate.

Lobotany showcases the band’s style with six diverse but consistent tracks. Six is a small number for an album, and Whitton admits that it’s shorter than industry standards, but considering the band recorded and produced it themselves in the back room of her parents’ house, it’s pretty impressive.

Album opener Bwapf is gorgeous, with Whitton’s rich voice perfectly complementing the austere drums and guitar. The vocal harmonies on this track are an excellent introduction to Cromwell’s style, with vocals treated as more of a complex instrument than you may expect from pop music.

Laymen is playful and poppy, while retaining the mellow tones of the album. The almost sparseness of the band’s style really highlights each instrument and the vocals in a way that draws the listener in.

The highlight of the album is definitely Float, Pilgrim, with a chilled out vibe and catchy hook to the chorus.

I see big things for this band – their appeal spans across genres, and if this debut is anything to go by, they’ll be going far.

You can check Cromwell out via their Facebook page!

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