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album review: leah capelle


People are probably surprised when Leah Capelle tells them she’s 19. Not that she doesn’t look the part, but the Chicago native has a voice that carries the sorrow, heartbreak and wisdom that come with age and experience. Her debut, self titled album is a solid offering of introspective tracks, both pretty and full of depth.

Opener ‘Would You Know’ is a radio-friendly, upbeat track that gives listeners a hint of the gravity of Leah’s vocals. Percussion guides the track, giving it a catchy appeal. ‘In A Boat’ slows things down and is a pensive, gentle plea to get away. Here, Leah’s voice rises with the delicate piano and glides along effortlessly. The line ‘she feels pain in her bones’ is perhaps an indicator of what to come; this is a girl who understands heartbreak.

‘Natural Disaster’ continues this theme, with a bit more rage thrown in. The ‘ex as a natural disaster’ analogy is perhaps a bit obvious, but the track does its job as a tearful post-breakup song. On ‘My Love Has Dried Up’, delicate guitar plucking joins Leah’s soft and lilting vocals. The chorus is beautifully clean and is where her voice truly shines. The confessional theme on ‘My Confession’ works well and after the first verse we are introduced to a melody that is distinct from the others on the album. In amongst the melancholy, there’s definite pluck. The last track ‘This Storm’ features Leah, backed by a piano and violin, lamenting sorrowfully about loss and the grief that comes with it.

On the brink of a 6-date tour and with a voice that clearly possesses a special quality, Leah Capelle may well be one to watch.




3 thoughts on “album review: leah capelle

  1. Well done Leah. You’re voice is like the devils candy – tempting, sweet, addictive & deceivingly powerful. Following your rise to stardom with interest, from all the way over here in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Kia ora!

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