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curated playlist: rockin’ the suburbs with amy of the royal parks

Melbourne based, The Royal Parks, have just recently released their debut album Suburb Home. Made up of ten languid and dreamy tracks recorded with Noah Georgeson (who has previously recorded the likes of Joanna Newson and Devendra Banheart), it is a must listen for those contemplative tram rides and sleepless late nights.

We recently asked front woman Amy Arnott to compile a playlist for your listening pleasure, so check out the tracks below and be sure to grab the album here.

1. Your band is named after the park near where you live. What’s a song that reminds you of walking through that space?

The park is full of Australian native plants – lots of gumtrees and kangaroo grass. Although the park is called ‘Royal Park’ and it is an example of colonization – the flora itself is native to Australia. Walking there always makes me think of when mum and dad took me and Dan out of school for a trip around Australia when we were kids, where we listened to GOANNA band’s Solid Rock on repeat for six weeks straight.

2. Your album was produced by Noah Georgeson who has also produced the likes of Devendra Banheart and Joanna Newson. What track other than your own best sums up his production style?

Robin Pecknold’s (Fleet Foxes) song Where is My Wild Rose. When I first heard this song I was blown away with the warmth and intimacy and couldn’t believe he was going to record little old us.

3. If you had to listen to a song on repeat for the whole day, what would it be?

I’m a music theatre tragic and at the moment I can’t stop listening to Hamilton! Nerdy, but addictive. Schuyler Sisters; what a song.

4. What song encapsulates your high school bedroom?

The Waifs – Lighthouse. Dan and I performed this song at every school concert for about three years.

5. What was a song you just couldn’t stop listening to while working on this album?

We weren’t really listening to music at the time of recording! We were so focused on what we were doing – we spent so long recording the song Suburb Home so my memories of recording are filled with that song.

6. Name a track by an artist that more people should know but don’t?

Amarina Waters – A Sense of You. Amarina opened for our recent album launch and I was so captivated by her beautiful storytelling.

7. Best song for when you’re having a bad day?

Beyonce – Crazy in Love. Tea (my husband who is also in the band) can do the entire Jay Z rap which makes me giggle more.

8. Favourite song by a female artist?

Missy Higgins – Nightminds. For me no one beats Missy’s raw and unpretentious lyrics and tone. I wanted to be her as a teenager – in fact I still kinda do.

9. Your album is called Suburb Home. What’s a song other than your own that sums up life in the suburbs?

Clare Bowditch – Between the Tea and the Toast – I love the a capella version of this song recorded in a church…..and I love cups of tea!

10. What track by a Melbourne artist is on your current rotation?

Robert Muinos – Hold You Up. Rob is a great friend of our band and I can’t get enough of this song.

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