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ep review: nikki thorburn, to the place

Nikki Thorburn makes music that is perfect to listen to on a sunny day.

Her debut EP release, To the Place, promises a great musical future for the Sydney born singer-songwriter and Nikki’s distinctive voice is backed with her acoustic roots sound. Think Julia Stone mixed with Norah Jones mixed with something wonderfully.

Thorburn describes her music as acoustic, jazz, contemporary and folk, with her inspiration coming from travelling and being on the road. You can see that Nikki holds this close to her heart, and her music really makes you want to jump in the car and go somewhere new.

The first track, Walking In Circles, is my favourite song on the EP, and as soon as I played it, I found myself stuck on the track, playing it over and over again. It brought me a sense of happiness that most music fails to give. The song has a youthful feel and is fun at the start, but builds up to a catchy, strong climax with a deeper meaning.

While not my favourite song on the EP, Sunshine Freeway is also quite pleasurable to listen to, with a blissful, happy overtone mixed with simplistic lyrics. This song reminds me of the ocean with its breezy beginning and cheerful overtone, mixed with a deeper meaning.

The other two tracks on the album have a hauntingly beautiful sound.

The title track, To The Place, is quite a mature, spiritual song, highlighting Thorburn’s striking, raspy voice. Slower than Walking in Circles, it still draws you in.

Something Strange, the last song on the EP, is an amazing song, with lingering drums intruding throughout the whole song, and a melody that is dark and peculiar. I found the song quite mysterious and lonely, and it really highlights Nikki’s strengths.

With a thoughtful approach to her music whilst still having a young, and full-of-life feel, this upcoming singer is sure to go places in the Australian music scene.

Check out the video for Nikki’s first single, ‘Walking in Circles’ below!

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