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q&a: bossiie


If you’re a fan of confident, cool ladies who rap, you’d do well to check out Bossiie. The London based rapper is a a gifted lyricist, with a unique flow that will wave away tired comparisons to Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks. This year’s release, an EP called ‘Tjosvtjo’ is punchy and quick-witted, with infectious trap beats that demand attention. Bossiie answered a few questions for us about her music, the rap game and what’s next on the agenda.

For a long time, hip hop has been a male dominated industry. The songs that get the most airplay often offer up really damaging perspectives on women. How do you feel about this?

It should not be like that. However, it has become like a norm to use phrases or words are disrespectful to women. I guess, that is what hip hop is all about. It has come to a point where it is acceptable.

The line on ‘Tjovitjo (Whistle Song)’ about masturbation is great – firstly because it’s a clever play on the word, but also as we don’t see woman publicly talking about the topic because there’s a tired expectation that woman have to discreet and quiet about sex and pleasure. Was this part of what influenced this line?

The word masturbation is used as a comparison. In the song, I am saying that I am feeling myself as a way to say I am comfortable and confident hence, feeling myself is said to be masturbation. Just playing with words really

On your EP, you present a variety of influences and music styles. How important is it to you to not be boxed in by one particular sound?

Oh yes, I am versatile and it is only because I studied music production. I am familiar with different genres –  I just chose hip hop. Yes, it is important to sound different all the time. If I was a listener listening to an artist, I would not expect them to be predictable. So, I would not like to be predictable.

Who do you think are the most exciting artists of 2014?

I think Drake and Kanye are most exciting artists in 2014. They have their own sounds and no one can replicate that.

What makes the hip hop scene in London so special?

The hip hop scene in London is special because there are hardly hip hop artists in London. Most artists in London do grime, house and dubstep.

When you rap, do you invent different personas to go with different songs or is it all you?

I do invent personas sometimes but mostly it is all me, Bossiie.

What do you have planned for 2015? 

More music, releasing new music, hopefully tours.

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