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new music roundup: october 26


Here’s what we’re listening to (and watching!) at Lip this week

Always – Panama

This gem by the Future Classic signed Panama has just gotten new visuals, and it’s a real treat to watch. The song itself is uplifting and lush, with warm vocals and a nostalgic vibe. It continues to be the perfect musical climate for electronic indie music, and this three-piece make a particularly blissful brand of it.

Jypsy Train – Jypsy Jeyfree

The fire in Jypsy Jeyfree’s voice is what makes this track what it is. Jypsy Train conjures a smoky, sleepy feeling, and is layered and complex, thanks to Jypsy’s breathtaking soulful vocals. This track is the first leak from an upcoming project by the New York native, and if there’s more to come like this, she’s on to a very good thing.

Pilot – Fox & Fowl

From Canberra, but living in Brisbane, Fox & Fowl have been playing live for a while now. This debut is definitely worth the wait though. There’s a maturity present in the vocals on Pilot that is often missing from some of the more summer-ready indie tracks. Don’t take that the wrong way though, this one is jangly, feel-good and won’t be out of place at any summer gathering. This is a sophisticated offering from a band who surely have plenty more tricks up their sleeve.

Shadowless – Hannah Epperson

This track by Canadian Hannah Epperson is something special. Shadowless employs the use of both Hannah’s supreme talent on the violin and soft, lilting vocals to create something that washes over you softly. Gentle and elegant , the track is a departure for Hannah from more folk-based work. The modern edge clearly suits her, and here’s hoping she thinks so too!


If Living the Good Life is Easy (Why is This So Hard?) – Ben Wright Smith

Ben Wright Smith is a 24 year old musician from Melbourne who makes interesting folk rock. This is a slow-burner of a track, and beautifully showcases Ben’s somewhat raspy vocals. A song for when you’re in the mood for something a little mellow, with stunning visuals to go along with it.



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