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Issue Eight – Autumn 2005


issue 8

ayurveda / elemental healing
an introduction to this ancient health philosophy; dosha quiz: are you an earth, air or fire girl?; girlforce: review of the girlforce books and an interview with author nikki goldstein

when home hurts / when sticks and stones break your bones…
but words do hurt you: the issues and subtleties of domestic violence; bursting the bubble: helping young people cope with violence in the home; daddy dearest: one girl’s story about the father she’d rather not have

books, a lip special feature
lip author: focus on anita bell, author of the kirby’s crusader series; lip nonfiction: a critique of barbara creed’s media matrix: sexing the new reality; lip series: horse addict sarah hart revels in the pine hollow series; lip mixed review: hating and loving he’s just not that into you; lip thumbs down: our first ever bad review! lip fiction feature: sex, alcohol and best friends in we are the new romantics; lip review shorts: petals in the ashes by mary hooper; the insiders by j. minter; the silver child by cliff mcnish

life :: politics :: culture

culture + globalisation = youth in identity crisis
the last instalment of our globalisation series discusses how our new-found connectedness is affecting young people’s ability to negotiate identity

the art of travel according to neil grant:
grant’s book indo dreaming reveals the seedier side of backpacking.

a party of our own:
what is the perfect wedding really about? let’s scrap it altogether!

your words

lip staff on favourite clothes


essay: late night reverie
poems: a series of tales from across the sea; user, abuser


my west village life
hollywood stars and a president’s daughter

woman at work
mathemetician dr clio cresswell

a broad abroad
letters from amsterdam

the taste
family favourites

curtain call
auditions, auditions, auditions!!!

a dreamer’s view
episode 2: angry at erica

fighting words
american intellectual susan sontag

the lip princess party

sex[uality] special feature
behind closed doors: the peep show

the wire
let’s get some perspective: are youth apathetic?

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