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Issue Eighteen – Spring 2009

health :: life :: politics

health: clothing your self-esteem
health: don’t be a boob when it comes to your boobs
sex(uality): ten lesser-known facts about sex and sexuality
the philosopher?: looking at logic
a dreamer’s view: episode IX: home is where the heart is
life: etiquette for a pleasant presence 101
life: love, contracted
politics: trek against trafficking


fighting words: the hairy-legs delusion
grinding down feminist progress
women’s business: nursing feminism in healthcare
the feminist compromise
women and the rudd government

fashion :: music

music: exploring the moment with carolyn oates
interview: kate vigo

art :: craft :: history :: culture

creative or insane: downtrodden
remarkable women in astronomy
a broad abroad: a moveable feast
my westlife village
it dints the loneliness: an interview with simmone howell, author of notes from the teenage underground and everything beautiful
the best of (wo)men: creating a hero

your words

poetry: untitled
poetry: market to market
poetry: those brown eyes
poetry: coasters
fiction: dresses

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