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Issue Eleven – Autumn 2006

issue 11

feature :: growing up under the influence

does pop culture offer sexual liberation or a culture of exploitation?
book review: women behaving badly
confessions of a feminist
prudish or powerful
book review: memoirs of a prostitute
email from india
a history of violence
culture clash

feature :: life modelling – losing your armour

the freedom of wearing your own skin
ten different bodies
clothed is the new nude
fiction: neked
fiction: promethus found, or a model story

feature :: global village

diversity encountered at home and abroad
japan: liquid life
india: shanti town
france: anti-sophistication
australia: is there room for diversity in the classroom?
artwork: momoko hatano
book review: foreign babes in beijing

feature :: getting old

what is it like to turn 18, 21, 30?
my fiery eighteenth
aries rising
with a compass in hand
dancing the thirties

feature :: metal girls

hard rock is for girls too
rocking hard in alpha state
bring your daughter to the slaughter

tattoo me

a potted history
it hurts!
winner of lip’s Ink Me competition

health :: life :: politics

my west village life: the best dunnies in New York
a broad abroad: girls should be seen and not heard
the taste: stress-free dinner
still a twenty-something teenybopper: why being pretty doesn’t make you special
so you want to be… a politician
fighting words: wift – advancing australia’s female filmmakers
the wire: the best of community web
sex(uality): what I’ve learned

arts :: music :: culture

pollisimo! interview with design team Polli
fashion: arjun
chicklore: once upon a time
curtain call: take a risk

your words

fiction: red stilettos
fiction: wings
lip staff on: birthdays
reader letters
comic: car portraits
book review: the dark flight down
book review: the gecko tribe
book review: nobody does it better

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