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Issue Five – Autumn 2004

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are you a feminist?
lip quiz; find out what kind of feminist you are! then check out the lip forum: find out what feminism today means to other young women, and flip over to from one generation to another: the experiences and advice of two active, long-time feminists

big boys should cry
men emoting badly: do you sometimes wish your boy would cry on your shoulder and tell you what’s wrong? find out what boys (and girls) can do to help emotional expression and why it’s important

the brassiere
victoria’s secret: why some girls wear bras that don’t fit. discover the fashion and social history of the good old fashioned bra in a bra’s life

your words

her fabulous secret

poems: vixen; body of worship
story: dating bra

how not to be a real man
why being gay can get you out of gym class but into the gym

progressive obsession
a dj addict interviews two young mixers

books: saving francesca by melina marchetta; the between boyfriends book by cindy chupack; the circle gift by melaina faranda; pirates by celia rees; the shell house by linda newberry; spy girl by amy gray


choreographing life
the quantum leap program gives the gifts of expression and confidence to young dancers

looking for melina
the woman behind australian classic, looking for alibrandi


woman at work: business development manager kim yabsley

reality bites: sex

my secret life: confessions of a cake decorator: how to have your cake and eat it too

fashion: solo style: making your clothes your own

sex[uality]: the beautiful breast

fighting words: physical scientist rosalind e. franklin

paul’s space: what men really think of the way you dress: our inimitable columnist on underwear, arses and the everywoman syndrome

a broad abroad: european sampler: unusual buskers, local festivals and shopping western european style

the wire: renewing our contract with democracy