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Issue Four – Summer 2003

featuresissue 4 - sold out

all work and all play: lip journalists celebrate the creative mind – with the help of an actress, a writer, a graphic designer and one cool cartoonist

enforced honour: from bride abuse to illiteracy, women in India and Afghanistan are suffering from continued enforcement of severe moral codes – but these women aren’t going to take it much longer…

lip quiz: victim or vixen: what do your hipsters say about your fashion sense?

worshipping the goddess – the wiccan way: forget Sabrina! our resident witch gives a crash course on the true traditions of the craft

your words


story: happily ever after
poem: pomegranates

veg out!
all you need to know about going vegetarian

fear and ignorance
a true story of young lust and illegal abortion in the 1950s

young mum in love
an interview with a teenage mother who has no regrets

coming out in canberra
one feisty gal spills all about how she discovered her sexuality

books: at the sign of the sugared plum by mary hooper; it’s my party and i’ll knit if i want to by sharon aris; the second summer of the sisterhood by ann brashares
music: feeler by pete murray


woman at work: national folk festival volunteer manager Sharon Casey

rate a date: call me ishmael: paddling away at lake burley-griffin

sex[uality]: pregnancy: knowing your options

a broad abroad: a jewish volunteer in palestine – supporting justice the peaceful way

reality bites: self-confidence

paul’s space: the loneliest drink: coffee for all occasions

the wire: the personal is political

fighting words: australian academic dale spender