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Issue Fourteen – Summer 2007

issue 14

feature :: the environment

it isn’t easy being green
what can I do?
climate change: the challenge

feature :: the art world

no room for women?
fashion: Rocket Fuel
painting a new picture: ‘the artist’ with Emilia Rossi
music: Valerie Chain, on the way to the top
fashion: Sprinkle Magic
I’m an opera singer, and I’m not fat
running with scissors: the artist book

feature :: growing up

leaving school
fiction: birthday
start of life crisis

feature :: the dark side

the many faces of goth fashion
music: Mz Ann Thropik
are you goth?

health :: life :: politics

film review: Blood Diamond
the state of us
my fruitless odyssey to Greece
a man and a financial plan
comic: retail
my west village life: jewellery, embarrassment & Hugh Jackman
sex[uality]: learning to say yes
a dreamer’s view: chasing my Australian dream
women’s business: battle of the sexes
a broad abroad: a tale of two cities
fighting words: male feminists – do they exist?

your words

poetry: a long street in Iran
fiction: blue light
young writers: Jack Heath
book review: notes from the teenage underground

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