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Issue Nine – Spring 2005


issue 9


– an artist: a week in the life of an artist
– there’s always modelling: when one girl says “yes” to a modelling agency sales rep
– how about a fashion designer: a chat with designer Pa Yang


– confessions of an op shop granny: one girl’s stint at St Vinnies
– a fairy’s queen: a gay boy celebrates his fag hag
– romance, what is it good for: is love for every day, or special occasions only?


– solar power: why the sun is crucial to your health
– pen popping: how creative writing can heal your soul
– cultivating the inner self: clearing your mind through meditation
– breaking the habit: quit smoking for good

life :: politics :: culture

the write stuff
copyright law and the relationship between a writer and her editor

is god dead?
are we becoming more secular or is religion taking over?

the well-lived life of artist katharina rapp
a life well lived makes for work well painted

the cliche of the single woman
it never dies

writing camp, marsden style
one young writer enjoys the company of her hero

get active

travel by farm
WOOOF around the world

five minutes to midnight
the youth organisation that is tackling world issues head on

your words

lip staff – on childhood

– the wonder years
– the monster and mcdoodoos

lip poetry
– wind lady
– bittersweet butterfly
– because
– high school

lip fiction
shattered memories

lip forum
are you religious?

book reviews
– revenge gone wrong – the whole business with kiffo and the pitbull (feature review)
– becoming billy dare
– i like it like that: a gossip girl novel
– shaedow master


woman at work
australian mountaineer sue fear

– a fashion of my own
– everything is cool if you’re cool with yourself

curtain call
why we sacrifice for art

my west village life
million dollar apartments

my secret life
what it feels like to ruin your reputation

the taste
late winter warmers

vaginas, wet, woolly and wonderful

a dreamer’s view
episode 3: the psyche reloaded

a broad abroad
good times tour of america ’05

fighting words
news presenter, feminist and author virginia haussegger

the wire
what is online community?

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