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Issue Seven – Summer 2005


issue 7 - sold out

the wide world of work

jobs for your personality: take our career quiz to find out what jobs match your personality

career advice for the girl who’s going places: lip interviews young entrepreneur karen miles and reviews her new book

women in uniform: what it’s like to be a nurse, a policewoman or a military officer

pryde in the games: this wonderwoman ran the 2004 commonwealth youth games

it’s a hairy life

hair today, gone tomorrow: the history behind removing hair

au naturel: the choice to leave it

the hair-pulling habit, trichotillomania: an obsession with pulling it out

men of many words

poetry of the mind: meet canberra poet michael michael

a passionate man: meet newly-published author matt zurbo

life :: politics :: culture

the wacky world of dreams
why do we dream? do dreams really mean something or are they just a meaningless mind movie?

women + globalisation = poverty
the second instalment of our globalisation series discusses trafficking in women, the hiv/aids crises and poverty

your words

an eye on style

lip staff
first kisses

story: LOST! Motivation (reward offered for safe return)
essay: late night reverie
poem: Lake Ginninderra

oh my goth
the benefits of belonging to the goth culture

books: the red cardigan by j c burke; lola rose by jacqueline wilson; hot nights, cool dragons by matt zurbo

voices of hope
winning literature and arts entries for Amnesty International Australia’s Voices of Hope youth arts competition


curtain call
what is acting really all about?

my west village life
the neighbourhood

a dreamer’s view
episode 1: bus stop boy and myles

fighting words
gloria steinem, feminist extraordinaire

the wire
festival season

gothic lolita: the victorian-era fashion that is taking tokyo by storm

the taste
spicing up your love life with thai food

postcard from the sex museum