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Issue Seventeen – Summer 2009

feature :: time out – the gap year

speaking from the gap
9 things to know before going on student exchange
the working gap
a broad abroad: back on the road in three hours

health :: life :: politics

the taste: comfort food
the philosopher?: why philosophy?
sex(uality): love or infatuation?
getting wisdom: an open letter to my brother
fighting words: the syllabus of strong women
dear diary, cont’d
a dreamer’s view: episode VIII: why do we need feminism?
women’s business: the long fall from grace
breeding the black dog: the effect of society on the spread of the depression virus
my west village life: a trip to the upper east side

art :: music :: culture

the ‘gay’ side of music: a musical applause for sexuality
review: the vaine – it’s a disease
review: ashleigh mannix – my first ep
when does a band become a brand?
creative or insane: big brother syndrome in film and theatre
no, I’m not a stripper


not just models: a photo essay
comic: tiddles on ladies’ fashion
my own business – summer swimwear and accessories

your words

fiction: the boy within
book review: kungun ngarrindjeri miminar yunnan – listen to ngarrindjeri women speaking
book review: the killer’s tale
book review: the secret life of maeve lee kwong
young writer profile: william kostakis
poetry: really

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