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Issue Six – Winter 2004


issue 6 - sold out

the changing world and the women fixing it
discover some of the social and environmental problems that are inspiring women to get active

read about Jill Robinson and her moon bear sanctuary in bear rescue

the effects of globalisation on young people worldwide in youth + globalisation = ?

the HIV/AIDS crisis inflicting Cambodia in Cambodia: a culture in crisis

why shaving for the cure is such an important volunteer experience for one young woman

the writing life

this lip special feature takes you from the writing urge, cooking show, to the process of getting a book published, jumping out of cars and onto the page

we also feature the songwriting and poetry of lip’s adventure at the National Folk Festival

sometimes it doesn’t hurt enough

myths and misconceptions introduces you to some of the conflicts behind the practice of self-harm

two personal stories bring you into the mind of a self-harmer

we also bring you tips and strategies to help stop self-harming behaviour

your words

i have a ferret
my computer got sick

love@first byte
finding love on the internet

pregnancy counselling or covert crusade
Erin Dolan explains why she started a petition to get pregnancy counselling services removed from the yellow pages

books: ash wednesday by Ethan Hawke; urgent by Leanne Rowe; pine hollow: changing leads by Bonnie Bryant; warriors of camlann by N.M. Browne
music: collider, fur patrol; the downward spiral, nine inch nails


surfing to success: how winning $20,000 helped put Meredith Saunders on her way to surfing success

bicycle: find out about the health benefits of cycling; meet professional cyclist Anna Milward; and your words about why you choose to cycle


fighting words: the kupa piti kungka tjuta, battling against a nuclear dump

a broad abroad: saving the world in Asia, four young women on volunteering overseas

sex[uality]: girls playing safe

rate-a-date: unlucky in love, romance doesn’t bloom at Tilley’s

woman at work: best-selling author Jodi Picoult

fashion: sickinmilk

reality bites: adulthood

go girl: with Sudanese beauty “Alice”

the wire: will the revolution be sanitised?

paul’s space: working with the iron, weightlifting is about more than just vanity for this columnist