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Issue Ten – Summer 2006

issue 10

feature :: women – more than just our work

women confused: two young women wonder if work is the most important thing in the short story hunting for a hole in the head, and essay woman: the new superhero
women in sport: discover the shining career of rebecca schatz, shooting to success; spend five minutes with snowboarder abi bright and learn the art of snowboarding with designer chelsea roxburgh; find out why 30 minutes of exercise can make you feel heaps better in action injection; then take our lip quiz to learn what’s your sporting style?
women as mums: find out about george’s lead singer katie noonan‘s mummy days and future music plans; when the time comes for you to become a mum, make sure you know what’s about to happen to you; and find out what really happens in janelle’s story and jo’s story about the births of their babies.

feature :: the times, are they a changing?

where have all the dags gone? asks if more people than ever are following fashion trends
dazzle you misleading reveals the tricks of beauty advertising
the silent torment blames the media for creating a culture of self-hatred
self-consumption shows how advertising portrays women’s bodies as things to be eaten and savoured

health :: life :: politics

venezuela: from poverty to empowerment, a revolution unfolding
budget diy recipes for homemade beauty products
my west village life: million dollar apartments
the taste: snacks for a night in
so you want to be… a mum
still a twenty-something teenybopper: feminism and men’s underwear
fighting words: amazing australian anne summers
sex[uality]: hormones, the very good and the incredibly bad
the wire: nature separation disorder

arts :: music :: culture

home crafted warmth: knitting to save lives
wrap with love: knit a square
writing on the wall: stencil art
chicklore: creatures of folklore femme and fabulous
my secret life: lets get it write
curtain call: find your own clique

fiction and poetry

– songs about bridges
– i am anorexia
– unclean forever more
– early morning; control wins
– bless my heart
– kiss hungry

your words

reader letter
lip staff on: sports
comic: the coffee plunger accident
book review: the book of dead days
book review: drowned wednesday
book review: letters to lily

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