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Issue Two – Autumn 2003


issue 2
when a friend is in need
Melinda Hutchings discusses how you can best help a friend who is suffering from an eating disorder

subvert the advert
Vania Juchniewicz on the tactics of advertising and the power of culture jamming

killer honey for health
Cristy Jane Burne profiles young honey-healer Shona Blair and her sweet healing tips

your words

your disorder

the day my city burned
Shannon Ross reacts with pride in her hometown of Canberra after experiencing the devastation caused by recent bushfires

story: hate
poem: a letter unsent

your story
Maria Filardo discusses the rising divorce rate. lip readers share their stories of divorce in the family

know thyself… and then go out and date!
Katana Smith on dating for the right reasons

putting the spin on girlpower
This feature review discusses Shakira’s album Laundry Service

books: Perfect: Young Women Talk About Body Image by Helen Hines; Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman; Stravaganza, City of Masks by Mary Hoffman; How to Rule the World: A Handbook for the Aspiring Dictator by Andre de Guillaume.
music: eminem’s the eminem show, rhythm and blues


a broad abroad: hospitality – Japanese style: Rosalind Durand on the utopia that is Tokyo

woman at work: lip interview with distribution clerk Alison Kidd

go girl! Monazza Hidayat from Pakistan

my secret life: I’ll take undies! an obsession with what’s underneath

reality bites: romance

rate a date: bowled over: our couple plays 10-pin

sex[uality]: closet talk: figuring out and accepting your sexuality

nerd’s eye view: it takes all kinds of minds: discover life inside the Tournament of Minds

paul’s space: it’s a lie, I tell you!: he was going to tell you why men don’t really want babies, but a girl got in the way…

fighting words: early feminist Mary Wollstonecraft

the wire: National Youth Week 2003, Grounded Festival, World Conservations Programs and more

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