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Dear Woman, I am a Conscious Man.

Conscious Men is  a place for ‘men who are committed to growing more conscious in every way, and for the women who love and support them.’

‘Dear Woman,

I commit to owning and stewarding a masculinity that honours and celebrates us as equals.

I may not have done these things myself, but I am aware of the forces in the unconscious masculine psyche that feel threatened by and then seek to dominate the feminine.

I honor the beauty and integrity of your body

I take a stand against any form of enforced or soulless commercialization of woman’s beauty, and I respect that your body belongs to you.

I feel sorrow that women and feminine energy have been for so long subjugated and oppressed.

From this day, moving forward I vow to treat your heart as the sacred temple it is, and commit to honouring the feminine in you and me and in my relationship to all life.

Together, we can make miracles.’

To see the video of the full manifesto pledge, click here: Conscious Men

Is this part of the social change that we, as women, were hoping for? Personally, I did initially think this was a joke video. However, as it continued, I saw the opportunity it provided for men and women as humans, to come to terms with the past and actions that have been taken on a holistic level, and felt genuine acknowledgment of these actions. Other writers and conscious men enthusiasts have said it’s part of a process redefining masculinity.

However, this may not be the case, according to some.

Late night US talk show host, George Lopez has other ideas, saying “I don’t want these guys speaking for me, so we put together our own video.” This parody video, named, “Our bad, ladies”, shows ‘every day’ men make apologies that “modern women would rather hear”.   These parody apologies go something like…

‘I’m sorry that our metabolism is faster than yours. That really must suck for you.’

‘I’m sorry about what happened in the park, but in my defence your sister looks a lot like you from behind.’ And,

‘I’m sorry you don’t believe in fairies, but that’s what I was attacked by that night I came home covered in perfume and glitter.’

And this group is not the only ones unsatisfied with the conscious men video. Discontent has broken out not only in the male community, but in the female community as well, accusing this video and it’s process to be demeaning to men, and others have said it’s just down right creepy.

So is this an act of restoring the past for a pleasant and equal future, or is it a load of bull? What do you think?

One thought on “Dear Woman, I am a Conscious Man.

  1. I think some of the choosen words by the “conscious men” group were not ideal and probably led to be made fun of. Especially the sentence, “I admire women and all of her glory.” It does make it seem like some weird cult. I think Lopez’s video completely missed the point of the exercise and yes, was incrediably sexist.

    I think any of the things that a male said on their video could have easily been an apology a female makes to another male as a male can get just as upset about their hair, facebook profile pictures or cheating. They are just skimming the surface, and they know that, it is just a bit of a joke.

    Lopez is also sexist towards males who break free from their gender boundaries of being emotionless. I think the Manifesto, or apology is not really enough I think action speaks louder than words.

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