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Feminist of the week: Sonja Bajic

Name: Sonja Bajic
Age: 40
Occupation: Student
How would you describe yourself and your life?
Wordly! Interesting post divorcee raising teenage daughter who loves 80s music.

What does Feminism mean to you?
Eliminating all forms of violence….stomping out patriarch/misogyny….allowing women and men to have the same choices…women’s oppression, and empowering women to become better role models!

Do you think feminism has a place in today’s society?
Absolutely! We are still trying to break some barriers….

Which feminist stereotype annoys you the most? Why?
Hairylegged females! That was very much the example of radical feminists back in the 70’s.

If you could pass on one piece of advice to other feminists, what would it be?
Embrace each other. It’s about sisterhood….we should not be turning women against each other!!! Stop the BITCHING!!

When did you first realise you were a feminist?
When I was twenty-four years old after ending a relationship with a mummy’s boy….my guess is that he wanted a submissive woman.

Has your attitude towards feminism changed with time?
Yes, I got divorced after 14 years of marriage….embarked on university studies….which I am currently majoring in gender, work and social enquiry.

Do you think feminism has a place in today’s society?
Still a lot of sub-cultural problems, related to patriarchy and misogyny!

Have you ever encountered negative attitudes from others when revealing your feminist beliefs?
Yes, from old school women!

How do you deal with people who have skewed perceptions of or negative attitudes towards feminism?
Tell them to get with the times! We are not in the 19th century!

Do you have any feminist heroes?
Simone De Beauvoir…for telling it like it is from the biological point of view…Nancy Levant for her American investigation on the liberation of American women.
What makes you really angry as a feminist? Is there someone or something that drives you crazy?
Rape, domestic violence….misogyny…..honour killings, Porn!

Have you read any great books related to feminism that you could recommend?
Lots….The Cultural Devastation of American women, the F Word, The Female Eunuch, The Industrial Vagina, The First Stone, Princesses and Porn Stars, For the Love of Women, Backlash, The Great Feminist Denial.

Do you think it is okay to laugh at sexist jokes if you are a feminist?
It can be taken out of context and offend certain cultures.

Where do you think Feminism will go in the future?
Hard to say…..I guess it remains to be seen and what legacies are left behind.

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