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How to feel like a rock-star

I’m a student. I’m not complaining; I lead a fun life, live with four friends and can sleep in on weekdays. However, I have no money. Ever.
I’m the girl you see at the supermarket wondering if it’s worth spending the extra 30 cents for branded tinned tomatoes. I’m the girl who waits months for things to go out of fashion and get put in the discount bin before buying them. I’m the girl who drinks cheap wine at home rather than going out. I’m the girl who never skimps on others but always skimps on herself.
So after four years of being penniless, I have discovered a few ways to feel like a rock star, even if it only for a few seconds.

Reject florists.

I love flowers, and I honestly believe life is a little happier with some sitting in your house. Yet florists are expensive and the flowers in my neighbour’s gardens are just as pretty. I’m not endorsing stealing but I’m just saying, your neighbour won’t mind missing a rose or two.
Go for a walk, lap up the sunshine, and sneak some bright colour into your bedroom. But beware: roses will bite.

Splurge on something.

Grocery shopping can be frustrating when there are so many amazing things to purchase and all you end up with is a 5 kilo bag of rice, some tins of pasta sauce and home-brand weatbix. My cupboard is usually a smattering of the red and white home-brand colours. But whenever I go grocery shopping, I always make sure to buy something indulgent. A $5 muesli bar, yoghurt with real fruit inside, a strange exotic fruit: anything!
The extravagant item usually doesn’t last more than a few hours because I’m too excited not to eat it straight away, but it sure does make Coles more exciting.

Get a train somewhere new.

Do you have a day off today? Good. Close your eyes, get on the next train and see where it takes you. Go the opposite direction to your normal route, get off early, wait a few more stops. Wherever you go will be new, exciting and maybe, if you’re lucky, it’ll even be a little bit scary.

Don’t underestimate fabric softener.

I know fabric softener is a little overpriced but trust me, if you can’t afford new clothing it is worth it. Whenever I wash my clothes with softener, it makes them feel like new. Well, almost.

Get yourself a library card.

Libraries are the new in thing. They don’t only have books and in case you haven’t been for a while, I’ll let you in on a little secret. They have all sorts of cool stuff like DVD’s, CD’s, magazines and newspapers… And you can save a ton of money by borrowing instead of buying.

Alright so these things won’t make you a rock star, per se. But they sure do make life that little bit more exciting when your bank account is feeling sad.

Do you have a favourite way to feel like a rock star, even for just a few minutes? Comment and let us know!

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