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Interview : Katlin Kaljuvee

Katlin Kaljuvee is a wildly talented illustrator whose drawings are truly spectacular. Any blogger would be lucky to be illustrated by her and I had a chance to sit down with Katlin and have a chat about fashion, illustration and everything in between.

How old were you when you first started illustrating?
As I remember I started illustrating when I was a little child. I am the kind of person who has always known that art/drawing/illustrating is my work, my hobby and my life. After graduating from the gymnasium I went strait to an academy of art to specialize fashion design. At a professional level, I have been illustrating since I was 19 years old.

What drew you to illustration in the first place?

I think I have met many good teachers in my life who have been supported me and drew me to illustration. They have found talent on me, so it is thanks to them that I have been confident enough to work on and develop my style.

How did you get into fashion illustration?
I have loved fashion illustration and drawing since I was little child. I grew up in Soviet Estonia in the 1980s and it was at that time the fashion illustration replaced the fashion photo in magazines. We had wonderful fashion illustrated magazine called “Siluett” and this played an important role in my childhood and I always wanted to draw as well as the illustrators did.

What do you think makes an interesting subject?

I think it is the current time we live in, the trends we consume, the problems we see, the ideals and medium around. It is very interesting.

On what basis do you pick a subject? (Is it someone who you think would be fun to draw or is it someone that inspires you or something else?)
It usually changes with me. At the moment I like to mix fashion with ecological and environmental subjects.

What according to you makes for a successful fashion illustration?
I think that a successful fashion illustration is something that is current – it shows the mood of people, their values of life in current time. And of course the style of the illustration is what makes is it so special.

Are there any fashion illustrators that you look up to?
I adore Laura Laine from Finland and I also like Julie Verhoeven’s fashion illustration.

Color or black and white? And why?
If the illustration is fully decorated with different strength lines and surfaces I prefer black and white technique but if there are less decorative motives in illustration I prefer using colors.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring illustrators out there?
If you have the strength and wish to be somebody just follow your wish and all the doors will be open on you. As an illustrator you should always have a sketchbook on you to sketch up all the ideas from world you see, you feel, you hear, you touch.

To see more of her work head on over to her website or blog.

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