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lip top 10: unwanted christmas presents

Christmas is over, you’ve rung in the new year, and now that the holiday buzz is wearing off you’re looking at a stack of unwanted gifts. While basking in the glow of hot summer days and beer that bathbomb making kit seemed like a bit of fun, but now that you’re back at work all you see is a waste of time and a box that is going to collect dust. Of course, you’re not the only person in that boat; here a few more unwanted gifts that are available on eBay at the time of publication.

1. Marmite Egg Cups
Yes, cups, plural. If you think it can’t get any better than having not one, but two egg cups in the shape of marmite jars than you’re wrong! It gets better! You also get two sachets of marmite for extra deliciousness! Confession: the more I think about the combination of egg and marmite, the more I want to give it a go.

2. Wedding Day Decorations DVD
Move over Pulp Fiction. Sayonara Reservoir Dogs. This is a must have for every movie buffs collection. It’s right up there with such classics as Gigli and Shock Treatment.

3. Egg Box
One egg box which holds 30 eggs (not included) taped to a foil covered plank of wood. The seller admits this was a gag gift – her son wanted an Xbox.

4. PVC Dress
Who seriously thought that was a good idea?

5. Walk Off the Pounds DVD
What’s even more amusing than the lack of tact associated with this gift is the fact that it was produced in 2004 and stores are still selling it.

6. Steam Traction Engines DVD
This one is great value for money, because you get three fantastic Fred Dibnah titles on the one disc. In the first one traction engines are moved out of Dibnah’s yard. In the second he collects his honorary doctorate, and in the third he is in cahoots with the nightwatchman at a demolition site. It’s gripping stuff.

7. William and Kate Wedding Anniversary DVD
I feel a theme emerging here. I’m thinking about snapping up this one. I imagine there will be a new DVD released on every wedding anniversary, so I should definitely start my collection before these become rare items.

8. Christmas Karaoke CD
Get excited guys – it’s still in the plastic. Oh. My. God.

9. William and Kate Wedding Plate, Keyring and Stamps
I feel a new theme emerging. I’m not interested in these pieces of memorabilia. If I can’t enjoy my William and Kate with a bowl of popcorn, then I don’t want to enjoy my William and Kate at all.

10. Potpourri
‘A sweet violet and pansy fragrance mingles with fruity notes of bergamot and peach.’ Shame, I was keen on this, but I don’t do bergamot.

Did you get any unwanted gifts this Christmas? What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?

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