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the 52nd down under feminists carnival!

Welcome to the 52nd edition of the Down Under Feminists Carnival – check out our selections for the month of August below!

Motherhood & Other “Women’s Work”
Motherhood: the Ultimate Writing Accessory? by Tansy Rayner-Roberts
Being Someone Who Cares, Seeking Care by Transcendancing
Oh these kids clothes are just so cute! by Sarah

Trans* Issues
This is wrong. Breastfeeding support groups should not exclude transgendered breastfeeding dads by blue milk
Atonement by Xanthë

The Gender Games by Erin Stewart

This is no country for women by coleytangerina

Marriage Equality
Yet Another “Opinion” On Same-Sex Marriage by MJ
On Straights for Marriage Equality in Aotearoa New Zealand by Deborah Russell
Keeping on talking about marriage equality by Deborah Russell

Pop Culture
Small Screen Sirens: Slayers, Wolves and the Supernatural by Sophie Overett
A Feel Good Joyful Funny Film: The Sapphires by Justine Larbalestier
Book Week: Looking for Alibrandi by Mary

I take it we aren’t cute enough for you by Mary
Thoughts on the “Dark Side” discussions by Skud

The Body
Unlearning by Fat Heffalump
Vagina Bombing by Rachel Hills
You sew and sew: don’t tell me DIY is my only option. by Definatalie

Is the Herald Sun scared of a student? by newswithnipples

Gender and Sexism
Men outraged by sexism: I should be more sympathetic by Helen
An eloquent explanation of benevolent sexism by Sophie B

Keeping Creepy Under Control by tigtog
Rape Crisis, brought to you by Hell’s Pizza by LudditeJourno

Justice in Queensland: Protecting Whom, Exactly? by Chally Kacelnik
Women in Queensland. Back to the Future. by Kate Galloway
A Hootin’, Tootin’ Good Ole Boy by Corinne Grant
Offshore Processing by No Stars Ever

Disability and Queer Issues Part 1 by Anthea

Oh yeah, the shirt is the offensive bit by blue milk
And so we pause for a moment from this feminist broadcast to bring you an important note about identity… by Utopiana

General Feminism
On Failure by Emilia Writes
Terminology 101: ‘females’ vs. ‘women’ by tigtog
I’m always ready for bed, actually by tallulahspankhead

Happy reading Lipsters! And be sure to keep up with future Carnivals here!

6 thoughts on “the 52nd down under feminists carnival!

  1. Great carnival!! *clicks All The Links* 😀 Thanks for your hard work in putting it together 🙂

    P.S. This week I sought, asked for and received care I needed and it really did make all the difference I needed at that point. (Re my blog contribution to the carnival on seeking care)

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