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the dale young mothers’ program: megan and kyden

Megan and Kydan

We’re continuing our series on the Dale Young Mothers’ Program (YMP) from Wyong, NSW.

Funded by the Youth Connections program and the Wyong Better Futures Local Solutions Local Advisory Group, the Dale Young Mothers’ Program gives young parents the chance to complete their year 12 certificate and form pathways to further education/work by creating a supportive environment that is flexible and that caters to the needs of both the parents and their children.

Lip spoke to four of the young mothers completing the program about their experiences, and what their future looks like now.

Today, meet Megan and her son Kyden. Megan (17 years old)  was expelled from school and shortly after fell pregnant with her son Kyden. She was out of school for one year and living out of home. She struggled with finances and is now living with her partner’s parents. She would like to pursue a career as a forensic investigator and says the program is helping her continue with her education and reach her goal.

Lip: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Megan: I was expelled from school because I got in with the wrong crowd. I fell pregnant with Kyden, so I left school. I was out of school for one year while I had Kyden. When I was six months pregnant my partner and I got a place, we moved in with a friend because we were struggling with finances. We were there for six months and now we are back at his parents’ house. I have three younger sisters that I help my mum with a lot.

Lip: Tell us about Kyden!

Megan: He is really cuddly, he loves hugs and kisses. I like playing with him outside because he loves exploring.

Lip: Tell me more about you – what are your hobbies or interests? What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

Megan: I like hanging with my friends, hang out at the beach and go shopping with my friends

Lip: How do you think the Young Mothers’ Program is helping you?

Megan: It’s helping me further my education and get into the career I love. I want to be a forensic investigator.

Lip: What do you hope to achieve through the program?

Megan: To get more social skills and my HSC.

Lip: What have you already achieved through the program?

Megan: I’ve learnt more in maths.

Lip: What would be your advice to a young mum?

Megan: To join the Young Mothers’ Program. It’s a great program.

You can find out more about Youth Connections through their website.

The Wyong Local Advisory Group funds the Dale Young Mothers’ Program and also supports the local community. The Local Advisory Group aim to increase employment opportunities, improve social economic and social participation, promote accessibility to early childhood support, increase levels of educational attainment and promote the development of life skills of young parents, jobless families and the long-term unemployed in the Wyong Local Government Area (LGA).

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