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Internet dating. The idea of being physically swept off your feet by a tall dark and handsome stranger replaced by the virtual sweep of a…well any persona the alter-ego is capable of conjuring. For someone of a natural over-analytical disposition, the thought of plating myself up for the picking by every love-lusting Tom, Dick or Harry, isn’t something that whets my appetite – particularly for love. I am, admittedly, old-fashioned in my values and prefer the idea of meeting my soul-mate by smashing my latte down his front after we clumsily collide leaving the coffee shop. However as sceptical as I may be about internet dating, I can’t deny the appeal factor for busy professionals, without the means, social confidence or connections to help strike up a connection with a like-minded other.

What could almost be considered a potential pro is the fact that it removes the potential for an individual to be judged and dismissed based on personal appearance. It takes just 60 seconds for the average person to notice someone, form a judgement based on physical attributes, verbal cues and body language and engage or avoid accordingly. While it may seem like I’m making outlandish and unsubstantiated claims, think of the times ladies, you’ve dismissed a man because of his shoes, satanic-worshipping-inspired facial hair, or affinity with brown-coloured clothing. His ability to tap tap taparoo on the keyboard may give him the advantage of being able to woo you with a well twisted sentence, when in reality he may have been dismissedfor his choice in a pair of room-for-your-relatives cargo pants over well-fitting cough-and-you’ll-split-your-chinos. We are a primitive race and appreciate things of beauty – Monet’, Renoir, Milano Blancs and George Clooney, so cannot be blamed for our initial primeval tendencies. However, it can be argued – and not just according to Disney – that nice guys really do finish last.

A self-confessed cynic I may be or stone-age dweller stunned by the glare of my laptop, I can’t deny that for me the idea of internet dating leaves me about as warm as an Eskimo with no clothes on. I am terribly hindered by my belief that while there are a lot of genuine and centred people out there, I’ve been eternally deterred by storieswhere bombardment with hourly poems, declarations of love and identity fraud are often the recurring theme. An old-fashioned girl, or one with an appreciation for old-fashioned values at least, I think I’ll take my chances the archaic way – face-to-face with stack-hat, mouth-guard, unrealistic expectations of lattes, crisp white t-shirts and all. Boo-yah!

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  1. I’m with you Chloe, altnough I wouldn’t judge others for looking for love on the net. It just isn’t me. Just be careful!

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