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introducing sheilas…

(Cartoon by Judy Horacek)

One thing I am certain of is that what women want has changed. It has to have. We grew up in a different world to that of our mothers and grandmothers, and the options open to us would be almost unrecognisable to them. I hate to get Dr Phil on you so early, but there’s some dreams you can’t dream for yourself if you can’t even imagine the circumstances under which they’d happen. Put it this way, Anne of Green Gables was a feisty wench, but I doubt she could have aspired to being a feminist social commentator blogger twitter specialist. Although, god knows, I’d follow her if she were.

What Women Want by Nelly Thomas

This excerpt was taken from the first edition of Sheilas, a new monthly news and information e-publication created by the Victorian Women’s Trust (find the rest of the excerpt here).

As per the lovely Lipsters, Sheilas offers an alternative to mainstream Australian media and its lousy underrepresentation of women. We want better quality analysis on current issues and believe forum platforms like Lip and Sheilas are needed for young women in Australia more than ever.

Each monthly edition of Sheilas will include two leading news articles, along with…

Horacek! Artwork by renowned cartoonist and author Judy Horacek

Polly Ticks: A round-up of political news by editor Sarah Capper

A Bonza Sheila: A Q&A piece showcasing a woman we betroth such a title to

Culture Club: An arts, society and culture ‘corner’ with reviews, excerpts and feature articles

Keeping it Reel: A regular image section celebrating the lived experience of women while simultaneously flipping a finger to the nipped, tucked, photoshop-frenzied images saturating our world.

Subscription is FREE and includes an e-newsletter of each month’s edition along with a corresponding Monthly Mail listing some juicy outsourced material (this comes to mind). To subscribe, type in your email address at the top of the homepage.

We’re also on the hunt for writers and photographers, so take a look at our ‘about us’ section if you’re interested in submitting.

Otherwise, happy reading!

The Sheilas team

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