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daily feminist news 01.09.13


Aussie couples heading overseas to select gender of babies via IVF

A study has suggested that in the last 18 months, around 120 Australian couples headed a specific clinic in Thailand to avoid a law that prevents parents to select the gender of their child. Australian medical guidelines currently prohibit parents from picking their child’s sex unless there is a risk of the child suffering a serious genetic condition.

Teen guilty of rape and murder sentenced to three years

An Indian court sentenced a teenager to three years in a detention centre over the fatal gang-rape of a student, prompting the victim’s angry family to declare women are ‘not safe in India.’

‘Cliteracy’ project goes viral

Visual artist Sophia Wallace has created a project aimed at educating the public on the clitoris. ‘Cliteracy’ was featured on the Huffington Post, and is aimed at revealing the wonders of the female body.

MPs worry ‘Zoe’s Bill’ will criminalise abortion

A number of female MPs have voiced their concern over a bill that has been introduced into the NSW parliament that recognises a 20-week-old foetus as a living person. The Women’s Legal Service, in a letter to MPs, said the bill would ‘result in unwanted and invasive scrutiny of individual women who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or foetal harm as a result of a criminal act.’


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