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daily feminist news 10.10.13


Russian parliament debate law to strip gay parents of their children.

In February the Russian parliament will debate a bill that could cause same sex parents to lose custody of their children. The potential law would allow the state to strip parents of custody if they practise ‘non-traditional sexual relations.’ Currently in Russia children can be taken from their families in cases of chronic alcoholism, abuse and abandonment. The author of the bill, and my least favourite person today, Alexei Shuravlyov, has blatantly been all like ‘save the children,’ claiming that ‘homosexuals should not bring up children. It brings more harm than an orphanage.’

Chevron questions potential employees about reproductive history.

Major oil and gas company, Chevron has caused controversy after it was reported to have included questions about potential employees’ reproductive histories on a medical form that was part of the hiring process. While the Medical History and Physical Examination form asked basic questions about general health, diet and exercise regimes, it also included questions asking whether the applicant has ever been pregnant, had an abortion, a miscarriage or stillborn child, and if they had undergone a procedure for sterilisation. Unions are arguing that the inclusion of such questions on the form, under the title ‘reproductive outcomes,’ is unethical and unnecessary in the hiring process. What do you think?

Family First member likens abortion to ‘pagan ritual’.

Peter Madden, a senior member of the Family First party in Tasmania, has likened abortion to pagan rituals of human sacrifice. Um. What? Madden took to Twitter to lash out at state Liberal Party leader, Will Hodgman, for his stance on abortion. Although Hodgman rejected the recent bill to remove abortion from the criminal code in Tasmania, Madden still claims that Hodgman and the Liberal Party do not support Christian values, stating that ‘Will & Jeremy [Rockliff, the deputy Liberal leader] support human sacrifice!’ Maybe he’s just been watching too much Vikings?

‘Why have a private sexy moment when you can have a public one?’: Mariah Carey tweets husband picture of her breasts for his birthday.

Although we’ve been rather awash with female celebrity nudity lately, Mariah Carey’s birthday boob-tweet to her husband, Nick Cannon, seemed almost tasteful in comparisson, albeit unnecessary. In what some are deeming a ‘social media public display of affection (PDA)’ Carey tweeted an image of her heaving bosom to her husband for his birthday, captioned ‘Happy Bithday to my Hubby @NickCannon… “my baby I’m waiting on youuuu”haha! KKLB! GHL!!! Mwah!!!’ So I guess the implication was that they were going to have some sexy times. Cool. Got it.

Arantxa Cedillo’s photojournalistic project about trailblazing women in Nepal is the best.

Photojournalist Arantxa Cedillo spent a few years in Nepal meeting and profiling women who were the first to ‘break the rules’ in their fields, radically challenging the entrenched sexism in their culture.  The result is a heart-warming array of portraits of women from all walks of life (a former sex slave, an elephant rider, a pilot!) posing in front of traditional Nepali hand-painted tapestries, accompanied with snippets of their amazing stories. Enjoy!

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