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daily feminist news 20.08.13

Kevin Baker. Image via Simone De Peak

Kevin Baker. Image via Simone De Peak

Daily feminist news’ collects news stories from around the world and brings them to you, Lip reader. If you have any stories to add, let us know in the comments below.


Liberal candidate Kevin Baker pulls out of election after sexist website surfaces

Kevin Baker announced he would not run in the election after it emerged that he ran a website that contained hundreds of sexist jokes and comments. Labor had pressured Mr Abbott to scrap Mr Baker as the candidate in the seat formerly occupied by Labor’s Greg Combet.


Polish ‘comedian’ dresses up as ‘boobsman’, squeezes women’s breasts

A video showing a Polish comedian in a hero costume squeezing strangers’ breasts has garnered over 4 million views on YouTube. According to Jezebel, the man is acting under the guise of ‘protecting the health of women’s breasts’.


Aboriginal rape victims fear being ostracised

According to The Australian, many Aboriginal women are not reporting instances of sexual assault for fear of ostracism. ‘Let’s not pretend there is not a problem concerning sexual assault and its reporting in the Aboriginal community,’ Labor MP Linda Burney said.


Australian Defence Force Academy Skype scandal trial begins

Two former Australian Defence Force Academy cadets have gone on trial after one of them allegedly had sex with a female cadet and broadcast the video over the internet. The unnamed victim claims she did not receive support from ADFA after the incident happened.


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