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daily feminist news: 24.08.13


Feminists ‘storm wikipedia’ to end gender imbalance

Feminist organisation FemTechNet has designed a project that addresses the gender-imbalance on Wikipedia. 87% of the site’s editors are men, and various pages have been affected as a result of the imbalance.

Police accused of filming women naked in cell

Eleven US women and a man who were nude when filmed by police are launching a group action against the law enforcers accused of watching them. Police deny the accusations.

Man arrested after re-assaulting victim when released from prison

A man who was sent to prison for raping a 13 year-old girl has been accused of sexually assaulting her again after his release. He then allegedly led police on a high-speed chase that ended when he crashed his car and attempted to flee, before being run down by a police dog.

American porn industry shuts down after HIV-scare

Porn production across the US has been halted in the wake of confirmation that actress Cameron Bay has contracted HIV. The moratorium was put in place Wednesday when the actress received an inconclusive test result during her regular screening for sexually transmitted diseases. Critics of the industry are calling for mandatory use of condoms in the wake of the scare.


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