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daily feminist news 27.08.13


‘Female sperm and male eggs a medical possibility’

Scientists in Japan have used skin cells from mice to develop sperm and eggs, successfully creating live births via IVF.

Women in Argentina sue over faulty implants

About 300 women with faulty PIP breast implants have filed suit seeking $54.7 million in damages from three European companies, their attorney said Monday.

Canadians go topless for equality

Canadian women have marched topless to raise awareness for gender equality. While it is legal for women to be topless in some areas of Canada, it is not in the majority. The march coincided with Women’s Equality Day

Straight couples to score $200 bonus to marry

Tony Abbott’s Coalition is promising they’ll give heterosexual marriages a helping hand to the tune of a $200 voucher each. ‘Couples can use this voucher before or after their wedding to choose the service that best suits their needs, be it one which assists in developing communication skills, conflict resolution, financial management, parenting skills, or for counselling services if problems arise in a marriage.’ In the same document, the Coalition reinforced its objection to same-sex marriage.


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