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fans storm out of tracy morgan’s MICF “comedy” show


Disgruntled fans walked out of Melbourne’s Hamer Hall on Saturday after comedian Tracy Morgan let loose a sexist rant.

The audience members had paid $70 a ticket to see the 30 Rock star as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, but that was not incentive enough for all to sit out the tirade. The 45 minute “performance” was full of graphic sexual material and gender stereotypes that hark back to a bygone era.

Reviewer Steve Bennett from Chortle recanted some of the show’s lowlights, including Morgan’s observations like: ‘Fucking women are crazy’ and ‘That pussy be burnt out’; ‘That crippled pussy stays wet’; ‘That pussy stink just a little bit’.

Reactions to the news on social media sites such as Twitter have been mixed.

Women’s rights group Collective Shout have started a campaign against Morgan, tweeting:

‘Tracy Morgan: we don’t want you here. Protest comedian’s woman hating tirade in Perth tomorrow.’

Fellow comedian Meshel Laurie tweeted a link to the Chortle article, with the commentary that the only MICF reviews remembered are the ones for famous people who ‘have it coming’.

Other commentators have come to Morgan’s support, while missing the point of the criticism of the show’s sexist content. In highlighting the fact that people shouldn’t expect the same vein of humour as Morgan’s character on 30 Rock, they seek to justify the fact that the show is outrageous.

But the problem people have with Morgan’s routine is the outdated thinking, not the vulgarity. As Bennett said, ‘Being pugnaciously crude can be hilarious, but this is show based more on revulsion than humour.’

Morgan has two shows left of his sold-out Australian tour, both in Perth.

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2 thoughts on “fans storm out of tracy morgan’s MICF “comedy” show

  1. He’d never get away with comments like that in the prude (“OMG, we saw some of Janet Jackson’s breast!”) USA, so, he thinks he can get away with it here? Er…no! It appears he’s not so funny anymore, unless someone else writes the funny (t.v.) lines for him. And, he is most probably ‘inadequate’ in other areas, if you get my drift? Glad I didn’t fork out $70 for that!

  2. Well Kate – I can assure you he is totally adequate in ‘other’ areas. He left my stinking pussy crippled on Monday night! As for the comedy… Oh come on what did all you glory whore who buy tickets to a show like this expect… there are f8cking GREAT comedians at your doorstep from all over the world and you go and see some bellend that’s been on a tv show for the past 5 years… what did you expect from a full time actor?? Was he meant to do 10 hours a day in the studio and then go out and write jokes and perform them in the evening… this is a total cash in tour… so many acts do it… Look at Adam Hills, Rove and Wil Anderson, HACK HACK HACK!! I think you all need to get over it, do some research on the comedy shows you go see and get some perspective on life! HOORAH!

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