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feminist news round-up 30.06.13

Image via The West

Image via The West

Julia Gillard ousted as Prime Minister

After months of media speculation on strife within the Labor Party, Julia Gillard called for a leadership spill on Wednesday. A vote took place on Wednesday night and as a result, Kevin Rudd came to replace Gillard as leader of the Party and Prime Minister. Gillard has announced her resignation from politics, but stated her belief that her time as PM would make it easier for the next female PM, and the one after that.

Penny Wong becomes first female leader of the Senate

Although the loss of the first female Prime Minister was a blow to thinking women around the nation, the subsequent reshuffle has resulted in another first: Penny Wong was named as the first female leader of the Senate. Wong openly identifies as a feminist and was the first openly gay member of the Cabinet.

Abortion Drug RU486 listed on Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

According to The Daily Telegraph, signing off on Cabinet approval to add the abortion pill RU486 to the PBS was Julia Gillard’s last act as PM. The move could drop the price of abortion in Australia from around $800 to $12 for healthcare card holders from August 1. Under the reforms, GPs who undergo specialist training will be able to prescribe the drug, which is currently highly restricted.


Also in the news:

Edith Windsor, lesbian widow, celebrates Supreme Court victory

Femen activists stage topless protest in Swedish mosque


In Lip this week:

Texan filibuster halts anti-abortion bill

female genital mutilation hotline launched in UK

Australian retailers linked to unsafe factories in Bangladesh


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