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feminist news roundup 26.7.15

Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo


On Lip this week

Read the third and final instalment of Shonen Women, on Evangelion and Western Perceptions

Check out Bridget Conway’s interview with Diana Antonijevic and Isabella Katan about Fashion unWINEd

Or catch up on more news with our last news roundup


Australian feminist news

Victoria’s Royal Commission into Family Violence has heard it can take up to two years for perpetrators to access behaviour reform programs, leaving the onus on the perpetrator to seek counselling

The Australian Labor Party has stated its plans for an affirmative action quota to make half its MPs women by 2025 at its annual Conference

Labor will issue a court challenge to the Coalition’s divorce tax after fees were introduced despite the federal legislation being knocked back by the Senate

And former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard burns Tony Abbott at a media event saying the current PM’s good ideas are such a rarity, people should write down the date they occur


Feminist news from around the world

Scientists sign petition to end one science magazine’s reinforcement of gender stereotypes in STEM

study has debunked the myth older women don’t enjoy an active sex life

Perpetrators walk free, as more than 70,000 rape kits remain untested in the United States

One cranky Catholic Dad in the US is one legal step closer to banning his daughters from accessing birth control via Obamacare

Meanwhile, Teens in the US are using more emergency contraceptives now than 10 years ago

Still in ‘Murica, the country’s earliest abortion ban (a ban at six weeks in North Dakota) has been struck down in court

A woman who alleged she was demoted and then fired by her automotive retail employer for her pregnancy has won a US$185 million lawsuit against the company (but it’s unclear how much money in damages she will actually receive)

A Thailand-based modelling agency has opened the doors to its first transgender modelling agency in the US

And Instagram reinstates #Curvy after site users revolted at its removal
Celebrity News

Amy Schumer says she is ‘heartbroken‘ after two women were killed in an Alabama (US) cinema shooting during her new film, Trainwreck

Tom Cruise allegedly banished his niece from the family for making out with a boy at his home

Former Doctor Who actor, Sylvester McCoy says he’s a feminist but there’s no need for a female Doctor

Taylor Swift apologises to Nicki Minaj for their VMA Twitter fight saga, which is summarised here because we can’t fit everything in one sentence


In other news

The US Patent Office has made it harder for lovers to get their rocks off over the phone or web, with one company buying a patent that effectively applies to all computer-networked sex toys and proceeding to sue a bunch of manufacturers

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