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in brief: burlesque dancer must give up performing to keep children

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Image: Wikimedia Commons

According to reports received by online burlesque group 21st Century Burlesque, a female dancer has been banned from performing if she wants to maintain custody of her children.

The website received the information about a young woman known as ‘Ida Claire’, who allegedly has been banned from burlesque dancing by a judge in Alabama.

Ms Claire appears to be involved in a custody battle with the child’s father, where her history as a burlesque was raised in question to her character.

21st Century Burlesque found that the actions are not particularly surprising, stating on their website ‘… it highlights the fact that burlesque is an art form that is still not widely understood or accepted.’

Further information regarding this matter is not available as yet.

One thought on “in brief: burlesque dancer must give up performing to keep children

  1. This story is true. I’m Ida Claire. In a way, any woman who does anything against societal or cultural norms is Ida Claire. Until we all stand up and make our voices heard, until sexual and gender discrimination comes to an end, and until every individual woman has the power to decide how she will live her life (and we aren’t even talking illegal, immoral–subjective, or unethical here, as so many of us are barred from living out loud), none of us will be truly free. Martin Luther King Jr. said, ” Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” While I hope the legacy of Ida Claire will not be forgotten and that she will come out of the shadows again when her children whose custody was challenged are grown, I hope none of us takes our freedoms for granted ever, knowing that in some way we all are Ida Claire. Thank you for sharing this story. <3

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