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in brief: giulia jones rejects “nagging feminists”

In her maiden Assembly speech on Tuesday, Liberal MLA Giulia Jones spoke out against feminism. Jones was elected to the ACT Legislative Assembly representing Molonglo this year, and is the new shadow Minister for Women.

She began her speech by stating ‘As a confident, aspirational woman with strong traditional family values, I see myself as part of a growing group of modern conservative women.’

Jones went on to defend her right to have a ‘white picket fence’ if she wanted, somehow implying that feminism denies her that.

‘I know my life is better than my grandmother’s and I reject the constant nagging of an older-style feminist public debate that tries to make women feel bad for not achieving something that they want for our lives,’ Jones stated.

Considering the current political climate, with the Prime Minister’s anti-misogyny speech still ringing in our ears, it seems like an odd choice of subject matter for Jones’ first speech to the Assembly.

The fact that Jones’ life is better than her grandmother’s is of course due in large part to the advances of the feminist movement, which have also secured her with the ability to participate (relatively) equally in the labour force, hence enabling her to have ‘…not just a fence but a climbing rose over the fence, a nice house partly bought with my earning power and an equal say over all aspects of life.’

You can read more of her speech through The Canberra Times here.

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5 thoughts on “in brief: giulia jones rejects “nagging feminists”

    • I’m sorry, how is the ABC article a more considered account? Is it because they only feature one small quote from Jones’ speech, leaving out any references to feminism? I’ve searched for a full transcript of the speech but can’t seem to locate one.

      This article was based on the quotes featured in the Canberra Times piece on Jones’ address. I’m not sure what’s ‘unethical’ about that.

    • Mary Mary do you have a transcript of the speech? perhaps you’d like to post the URL? Or, you know, give a single reason why you think its unethical?

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