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in brief: ‘it’s your fault’ – indian video satirising victim-blaming goes viral


A video satirising the culture of rape and victim-blaming in India has garnered more than 2.2 million views on YouTube since September 19.

In the video, which is produced by a group of comedians, Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin and television host Juhi Pandey explain why women must take the blame for the rising number of rapes in India.

The piece is a response to various statements from officials and the media in the aftermath of numerous high-profile rape cases.

The women in the video appear cheerful as they explain that their clothes, cooking, and mobile phone use are all reasons for rape.

As the video progresses, the women appear increasingly dishevelled and injured, while maintaining the bright facade.

The video highlights the appalling attitude that some police officers have towards victims of violence. In the video, a smiling Ms Koechlin says: ‘If you are tired of being humiliated by rape, you can always go to the cops and be humiliated by them instead.’

At the end of the video, various women from different areas tell the camera ‘it’s my fault’.


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