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in brief: PETA markets vegan lifestyle for women “too fat” for the morning after pill

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“Too fat” for the morning after pill? Try a vegan lifestyle, suggests PETA.

PETA has once again conducted a misguided (and, frankly, rather disgusting) attempt at marketing a vegan diet.

The animal rights group has taken recent news that a certain brand of the morning after pill doesn’t work for larger women, and used it alongside a new campaign promoting the vegan lifestyle that they firmly stand by.

In a press release entitled “PETA Launches ‘Plan B’ Lifeline for Overweight Women: ‘Plan V’ for ‘Vegan’”, PETA promoted their ‘Plan V’ program alongside the organisation Population Connection, stating that it ‘would encourage women to lose weight (and regain access to Plan B as a family planning tool) by choosing healthy vegan meals.’

Basically, they are suggesting that larger women become vegans in order to lose weight and be able to use the Plan B contraceptive again. Not only is this marketing strategy offensive but, as Kate Dries on Jezebel has suggested, it’s also a little confused.

Dries points out that PETA is ‘essentially falling into the trap of confusing “this drug might not work for people over X weight” with “this drug doesn’t work on fat people”.’ She goes on to point out that there are a number of other birth control pills that have been discovered to be ineffective for women over certain weights, regardless of whether or not they are actually considered overweight for their body size.

The recent news about the contraceptive appears to have ‘prompted many media organizations to talk about how Plan B doesn’t work on fat people instead of the complexities of the recommendation’, a trap that PETA has obviously fallen into with their ‘Plan V’ campaign.

That being said, this isn’t the first time PETA has attempted to peddle their vegan lifestyle using current affairs, and we can be certain that it probably won’t be the last.

3 thoughts on “in brief: PETA markets vegan lifestyle for women “too fat” for the morning after pill

  1. I am a feminist thus I am vegan. I’m not saying that what PETA is writing is ok against bigger women. But for a feminist magazine there is a S#*t load of meat, dairy and egg recipes. Female cows are enslaved, raped and their children killed every year so they lactate continuously for our consumption. Billions of male chicks are crushed to death because they don’t lay eggs as soon as they die. So saying that PETA are in the wrong for saying women should stop consuming and objectifying animals is VERY hypercritical. If you are really a feminist why do you not care about humans enslaving females for their body parts.

    • Nel, I think you are confused. Firstly, you do not have to be a vegan to be a feminist, neither do you have to be a feminist to be a vegan. Feminism is about HUMAN females. I am a vegan myself, and personaly I don’t agree with how animals are treated, obviously, but this has nothing to do with this article. Also just a couple of things, ‘male chicks’ never lays eggs, ever. The word ‘hypercritical’ is spelt hypocritical. The author of this article is not saying that eating animals is OK, they are simply saying that PETA have F*#@%^ up marketing. On a side note, being vegan does not actually help you loose weight, with the amount of processed foods that have been developed to cater for vegans, it is not necissarily a healthy lifestyle. One last thing, I’m not sure what enslaving females for body parts has anything to do with this article. Please read the article properly before commenting. I hope this article and this comment helps you be more informed. Have a lovely day. 🙂

  2. PETA also had a great ‘comedic’ campaign about how becoming Vegan (if you were a man) would result in your girlfriend having black eyes and needing crutches to get around. They are a joke.

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