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in brief: this bra only opens for ‘true love’


Dubbed the ‘True Love Tester’, a Japanese lingerie company has invented a bra that uses ‘science’ to ‘read your body’s signals.’

According to Ravijour, the company that has invented this gem, the bra has ‘built in sensors that measure the wearer’s heart-rate’, and because nothing is complete in this world without an app to accompany it, the data collected is sent to your phone, ‘which analyses the heart-rate of the wearer. If the wearer’s heart-rate reaches a predetermined limit, the bra unhooks by itself.’


As The Gloss has aptly pointed out, you may as well not wear this thing, lest you want to end up in public, or any other awkward situation, with your bra flying off under your clothing.

The creative team at Ravijour seems to have over looked the fact that ‘true love’ isn’t the only factor at work when and if your heart rate rises throughout the day.

My heart rate rises when I climb the three flights of stairs at my work place every morning. Or when I get overly excited about my next holiday.

I can officially add this to the list of Things I Never Ever Want To Receive as a Present.

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